Top Five: Scandi Eco Make-up Brands

My voyage of discovery around the world to find the best in natural and organic make-up this time takes us to Scandinavia and the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland.

I have to admit that despite having family in Sweden and friends in Denmark (and having been a big fan of the Norwegian band A-Ha in my youth [and possibly a little bit now…]), only two brands initially sprung to mind, so this particular adventure required a little more search than some of my previous expeditions.
I have to admit that my ability to understand this complex family of languages is yet to progress beyond the word dog in Swedish (hund) and yes in danish (ja)… With my own language limitations in mind, this has meant that some of the brands I would possibly have mentioned may have been overlooked as I have been unable to understand the ingredients list or ethics of the company as not all have english translations. If you know of any more (or better) companies then do please feel free to list them below.
Tromborg (Denmark)
Fusing science and nature, Marianne Tromborg has created a brand based on her own philosophy to beauty; it must be easy and manageable to look good. Working on the approach that less is more, Tromborg has created a comprehensive range of make-up products which are light and transparent and have beautiful textures.

Tromborg used to be stocked in Debenhams however it seems to have disappeared from their website so I am on the hunt for a uk stockist; If you find one then do let me know.
If minerals are more your thing then check out Organic M.A.K.E Minerals (OMM for the purposes of this post). OMM is a capsule collection of mineral make-up created by Charlotte Fnug Munksgaard; free from all of the usual suspects (talc and other fillers, mineral oils, bismuth etc, etc), it contains a range of flattering and neutral shades.
Organic M.A.K.E Minerals ship worldwide.
Kjaer Weis (Denmark)
My love of Kirsten Kjaer Weis’ products is no secret and as such, an obvious inclusion when it came to compiling my Scandi brands. A high performance, luxury line with packaging to die for, Kjaer Weis covers the basics with lip, cheek, eye colours plus mascara and cream bases. I am not sure you need me to carry on as you probably have come across them already – on this blog if nowhere else! :)
Founded by Maria Akerberg in Dermanord, Sweden, this is an organic line created using only organic vegetable oils, plant extracts and essential oils; all the raw materials are organic and the products (which are produced in Sweden) are free from synthetic ingredients. The collection covers all the bases including a wide variety of lip and eye tones and three foundation formulations; there are also a small collection of brushes and accessories. 
Available for shipping to the UK from SkinCity
Founded in 2006, Tikei Mineral Cosmetics was the answer to a long term battle with acne for it’s founder.  Free from Bismuth, Tikei is a mineral make-up range with a great spectrum of shades; from bases to shadows – there are also a few lipsticks, glosses and a balm. Some of the products do contain Boron Nitride so it is worth noting if you are purist when it comes to minerals…
Available for delivery within the EU
Images: Kjaer Weis, Tikei Mineral Cosmetics, Maria Akerberg, Tromborg, Organic M.A.K.E Minerals
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