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November. The month of fireworks, poppies, turkeys… and moustaches. Its that time of year when guys around the world put down their razors and put up with the itch in aid of mens health – yes, its Movember!

Movember is an annual event (much like the month itself) that spans the whole of November. Founded in 2003, The Movember Foundation is a registered, global charity aimed at educating and raising awareness into mens health – focusing specifically on prostate and testicular cancers, poor mental health and physical inactivity, in order to help men lead longer, happier and healthier lives. 
Each year millions of men around the globe grow a moustache (and in many cases also a beard) and raise money to support this fabulous charity – to date over £402 million have been raised|!
You may think it is a little strange for me to be writing about beard oils but male grooming is one of the responsibilities of a Make-up Artist – and I do a lot of male grooming (I am also the partner of a long time committed beard wearer)! It’s often not only the face that needs a little TLC, beards (and moustaches) need some love too and are something that are frequently overlooked when it comes to personal care – as is the skin beneath them!
I would like to think that now we are nearly midway though the month, a reasonable amount of growth has occurred for most (this post was due to go out earlier, however it had to be shifted) of those participating in Movember, so here are my Top Five suggestions for keeping beards (yours or other people’s) soft, shiny and itch free…
They say it themselves; there are a lot of beards in East London as anyone who has ever visited this hipster enclave will concur. With inspiration on their doorstep, it is surely no surprise that Soil association certified Skin+Tonic made Beard Oil one of the products in their initial collection. Containing fast absorbing Argan Oil to strengthen hair and soothe irritated skin, S+T Beard Oil whisks you away from the streets of London with scents of rosemary and Cedarwood. It can be applied to damp hair following a show or bath and also used as a shaving oil for fair weather beardies (ie those that just go for Movember facial hair)…
To help navigate your way around the scratchiest of beards, the Badgers at Badger Balm have created an organic beard oil which combines A blend of Babassu and Jojoba oils and pomegranate seed extract. The oil is light and easily absorbent and it nourishes, moisturises and protects the hair to give you a soft mane – black and white or otherwise…
Beard Oil from Leven Rose (from $13.97) (V)
If you (or the beard wearer in your life) prefer the scent of aftershave (not just for the beardless you know) or simply like going au natural, then the Leven Rose Oil may be just the ticket. Creating using organic, cold pressed and unrefined jojoba oil and cold pressed Moroccan Argan Oil, which relieve irritating itchy skin as well as moisturising and conditioning the hairs. Apply a few drops to the palm of your hand and then work it into the beard.
Big beards needn’t be unloved, scratchy wildernesses, they can be a paradise – especily if tended with a little coconut and grapeseed oils (plus a little Vitamin E oil) Beard Buddy oil is a warm, sweet smelling oil that is handcrafted using all natural ingredients. Tame that beard by adding a few drops to the palm of your hand (preferably after showering) and massage to the hair in a downwards motion for a smooth, prickle-free beard.
Certified organic by the Soil Association, UK based Good Day Organics have created an unscented beard oil using Camellia, Jojoba and Tamanu oils. The cold pressed, organic ingredients Suitable for even the most sensitive skins (including those with acne and other skin conditions), jojoba and rose hip oils soothe skin irritation whilst nourishing and moisturising the hair and camellia and Tamanu oils moisturise and strengthens the hair.
If you want to find out more about the Movember Foundation, visit their website.
Have you (or your bearded ones) tried any of these beard oils? If so, which is your favourite:  ?

Main Image: Courtesy of Rebecca Brown via Flickr

Body Images: Good day Organics, Badger Balm, Skin+Tonic London, Beard Buddy, Leven Rose
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