Top Five: Australsian Eco Brands

Last month I began a series of Top Five posts on the best eco make-up brands from around the world. Having kicked off with my Top Five brands from Germany, I am now heading down under to explore the make-up brands that Australia and New Zealand have to offer…

Here are my Top Five natural and organic beauty brands from Australasia…

New Zealand’s original natural skincare company, Living Nature was founded in 1987. Certified natural by BDIH, Living Nature have created a mid-budget capsule collection of cruelty free colour cosmetics free from synthetic ingredients and endocrine disrupters which sit alongside skin, haircare and wellbeing products. In the UK Living Nature is available from Botanical Brands.

Overall it is a lovely collection and I have a couple of foundations and a blush in my kit. I am currently also trying out the concealer, so stay tuned to find out how I get on.

Inika (V)
Inika Pure Primer was one of the first organic products to make it into my kit over six years ago and I quickly worked my way thought the range. Certified organic by Australia’s Organic Food Chain and (in the case of the lip, brow and eye pencils) the CCPB, Inika’s range of mid budget make-up is free from pretty much every nasty (or potential nasty) you can think of – and is vegan friendly.
As I have said, Inika have been part of my kit for many years and my favourites are the eye and lip pencils and Highlighting Cream – all of which are still components of my kit today.
Zuii Organic (V)
Queensland (Australia) based Zuii are a brand who first came on my radar about three or four years ago. Created using organic floral extracts and ingredients, Zuii are a mid-priced brand who offer a wide range of products with a relatively broad spectrum of shades (for an eco brand). Despite not being readily available in the UK, Zuii have in the past (sadly not a present) offered a service where you can purchase a sample pack – super handy when trying a new brand.
I really liked the eyeshadows and there are some beautiful shades in the lipstick line also.
Nude by Nature
Nude By Nature is a young brand which I have yet to try but am loving the look of. Created in 2008, Nude By Nature began with just three products (and a brush) but has quickly grown to become Austalia’s number one natural cosmetics brand. Formulated without synthetic ingredients and preservatives, this small but mid-priced range is apparently now available in the UK, so if you are looking for something new to try, this may be an option.
I have my eyes on the liquid foundations and the primer…

Morgan Annie
The second untried brand in this line-up. Morgan Annie is a small mineral make-up brand who’s ingredients list is significantly preferable to those of many mineral make-up companies. Created by a Make-up Artist, this mid budget range combines traditional loose mineral products with mineral based fluid and cream products.
Always on the look out for new brands, there are a number of products which I would be interested in trying and if I ever get the chance to head down under, I may well do so.

Have you tried any of these brands? Are there any others I have missed out on?

Images: Courtesy of Inika, Morgan Annie, Nude by Nature, Living Nature and Zuii Organic
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  • I think Australia for amazing natural skincare but not makeup. Strangely enough my favourite day to day tinted moisture that I've used for years is from an Australian brand. I've used lip products from Living Nature and Inika but the rest are new to me.ReplyCancel

  • Hey Lynda
    I agree, make-up products are little thin on the ground – I had to search hard :)
    Definitely worth trying Zuii if you can.
    L xReplyCancel

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