Organic Virgins

One evening over Christmas (and most likely a glass of white) my partner and I were discussing my little blog; it’s (then potential) transition from Blogger to WordPress and things worked and didn’t work. During this chat he (and I have to give him the credit for this one) came up with the idea of Organic Virgins.

Almost certainly not as it first sounds, the idea came about when we were discussing the fact that on the whole Make-up Artists don’t necessarily consider looking at natural or organic options when restocking their kit. Over the past year or so there appears to have been an increase (in the UK certainly) in Make-up Artists actively searching out cruelty free brands, however the majority aren’t fully aware of the developments and innovations in green beauty, therefore many great products are overlooked.

I have a lot of Make-up Artist friends so when we get together it is inevitable that we end up chatting make-up and the majority of them don’t regularly use natural or organic makeup in their kits, if at all; any products that are in there are generally skincare ones.

We agreed that it would be great if some of these Organic Virgins could trial an organic make-up product; one which I love and use in the course of my work and, then to write about what they thought of it – warts and all.

The posts make for interesting reading and I will be sharing them with you over the coming months, so keep an eye out.

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