Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week 2018: The Event

Over the past seven days we have been celebrating the Soil Associations annual Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week. The aim of the week was to inform and educate us about what that iconic logo represents and that the brands who proudly bare it are names that can be the trusted. The week culminated in a two day event at The Hoxton Hotel in Holborn, which gathered together many Soil Associations certified beauty brands.

I booked tickets to both days however my work schedule was looking like I wouldn’t make either day. Happily a last minute and somewhat unexpected job change meant that The Hoxton Hotel was just a hop, skip and a jump away from where I was based on Saturday – and a particularly early finish meant I could make the event.

The feel of the function was very different to last years week long pop-up, which was held in a large open plan space. Despite taking up a number of rooms in the back of the hotel the affair had a nice intimate feel about it with a handful of stands in each room.

Inside the entrance was La-Eva, an artisan brand whom I first came a cross at last years event. Grounded in a holistic philosophy, La-Eva offer seven multipurpose products which harness the aroma of organic essential oils. Last year I fell in love with the scent of Blû (a heady, smokey blend of chamomile, vetivert and cedar wood) and I couldn’t resist stopping for a sniff and a chat with founder Louisa about the beautiful new products in the range.

I popped into another room to discover Therapi Honey Skincare, a brand much loved by many organic beauty addicts. Tanya and daughter Esme, the driving forces of Therapi were on hand to discuss their products and advise. Working alongside them was a therapist from Richmond-based salon Bhuti; the only salon to offer treatments using the honey based brand. They were offering a 30 minute honey facial and having had a pretty stressful week I decided to indulge.

The treatment was a pared back version of their bespoke Therapi Honey Radiance and Renewal Facial which cleanses and nourishes the skin. Included was a fabulous facial massage which stimulates the lymph and rejuvenates the skin. It wasn’t my face that received all the attention; there was also a little focus on the pressure points in my feet and also a lovely scalp massage.

At the end of the facial I received a fab Bhuti shoulder bag and a Therapi lip nectar. I felt exhausted believe it or not but received a lot of comments on how great my skin looked. That evening however I was totally on form (even if I say so myself) and felt amazing and can only pout it down to the facial – Definitely well worth the £25.00 price tag!

Also in the room were Pai Skincare who were offering skin consultations. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone on the stand as they were inundated overtime I looked!

Naissance was my next stop and the … were creating and gifting bespoke facial serums using a blend of base and essential oils. I chose Argan and Rosehip as a base for my serum and despite being drawn to Geranium Rose (I love that woody floral scent), I opted for Frankincense. A perfect choice for my skin.

My final stop was at the Tabitha James Kraan stand where after a brief chat with the lady herself, I was invited to attend one of their Mini masterclasses. The products have been on my radar for a long time however for one reason or another I haven’t had an opportunity to get hands on with them until now.

Sat around a table dressed with mirrors and a number of items from the range, Tabitha began by introducing herself before discussing the brands philosophy. TJK products differ from conventional haircare products in the respect that the ethos is about hair cleansing and not hair washing. She introduced each product in turn, describing how each worked and how to use them.


After a brief Q&A we got to have a play with the products, applying a selection of the products (with Tabitha’s help) to our own hair. We came away with a bespoke goody bag containing two full sized products of our choice (the 4-in-1 Conditioner and the divine Amber Rose Hair Oil) and I also purchased a dry shampoo.

As I am sure you can tell, I had a fabulous time and despite the lack of make-up, I felt I looked better when I left :) A big thank you to all the team and the brands who worked so hard to put it together – Roll on next year!!

Did you go this years event?


Images: (1) Soil Association; (2, 3, 4) LJS -OMUA

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