Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week 2018

Today sees the start of Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week 2018. Running from the 7th -13th May, this week is an annual event run by the Soil Association.

Many of us are becoming more mindful as to what we are putting on our bodies and onto our skin and consequently what actually goes into our beauty products. Unfortunately there is still a lack of clarity when it comes to beauty labelling; words like organic and natural are not always used as they should be and some companies are misleading consumers by using them on their packaging and in the marketing.

During Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week, the  Soil Association continue to encourage us to Look For The Logo. Seeing the Soil Association logo on a product (be it beauty or food) gives you the piece of mind that the product has been produced to the highest ethical and organic standards and the brand behind it cares as much as you do – if not more so!

This year the Soil Association are informing and educating us about what that logo represents. Removing the myths that surround organic ingredients and reinforcing the fact that the Soil Association logo is one to be trusted. This year they and brands which proudly carry the logo are showing us what they’re made of…

Look out for the hashtag #WHATIMMADEOF on social media to find out more about your favourite brands.

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Following on from last years Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week, this year the Soil Association are running a weekend long event at the Hoxton Hotel on the 12th and 13th May.

Many of the Soil Association certified brands will be on hand, with some offering treatments and consultations and there will also be some wellness workshops.

The two day drop-in is open to all and entry to the event is free (there is a charge for some of the workshops so check when you book). You can pick up your ticket here.



Images: (1,2) Soil Association

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