In Print: Georgia Gullini

Way back in June I spent a few days working for prestige menswear designer Georgia Gullini shooting their latest collection. If you haven’t come across them, the award winning company use high quality wool and blends to create beautifully tailored, Italian inspired pieces which are sophisticated and elegant.

We were on location in both Oxford (I’d forgotten how beautiful a city it is) and central London and over the course of the shoot I had two male models to look after; trimming and tidying up facial hair, styling hair and applying any necessary make-up to make them camera ready.

The images are live on their website and social media so I thought it was high time I shared a few of them with you.
This is just a snippet of the images online but it give you the idea. On the Georgia Gullini website there is also a short film shot over the course of the two days so if you want to see more then hop on over.

I initially prepped the skin using a mixture of Pai Skincare and Weleda (two stalwarts of my skincare kit) and after a little facial hair tidy up with my clippers/beard trimmer, I styled the hair using a selection of Giovanni and John Masters Organic products.

I can’t remember the exact products I used on each model’s face however I certainly would’ve used the following of my male grooming standards on one, other or both… Couleur Caramel Velvet Mattifying Primer to help prevent shine, Viseart No 1 Palette to cover blemishes and dark circles, Lavera Style & Care Gel on the brows, Suvana Paw Paw & Honey Balm on the lips and a touch of Nvey Eco Nourishing Bronzer on the high points of the face. I would’ve also used Nurturing Force Blotting Paper for removing excess oil throughout the day.



Images: Courtesy of Georgia Gullini

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