My Skincare Relationship

In all honesty, I’ve never been particularly good at maintaining skincare relationships. I’ve tried over the years to install a regular cleanser, tone and moisturise routine into my life but we have been consistently mis-matched. In all fairness it’s a it’s me not you kinda conversation. You know the one…

I’m inconsistent and undisciplined when it comes to skincare. I don’t make time for us. I fall in and out of love as quickly as the sun rises and sets, and rises again. I get bored and I can’t be bothered to make the effort and my head is always being turned. See? It’s definitely me…

My relationship with the world of skincare is potted. There are highs and there are most definately lows. The thing is that it’s not like I didn’t know how to look after my skin. I studied skincare as part of my training and believe it or not, actually taught Beauty Therapy students for a year but I most certainly did not practice what I preached. The problem was that I just didn’t (and still don’t) get on with the conventional; I just muddled along, making do and doing what you are supposed to do; what we were taught – Cleansing lotion, spritz of toner, moisturise. Exfoliate and mask once a week. Choosing the appropriate corresponding products for your skin type from the blandly packaged uniform range…

Throughout my mid to late teens I cleansed and moisturised, albeit if only to remove the previous nights eye make-up. I was sporadic in my behaviour but fairly consistent in my choice of partner: I recall a white cleansing lotion and carrot moisturiser from The Body Shop and piles of Boots the Chemist cotton wool balls.

In my twenties I pretty much lived the same existence, just with the added bonus of an occasional splash of toner and sometimes *read only when abroad* a sunscreen. I flirted with other products however I generally returned to my then favoured hunting ground Lush and its myriad of eye candy products. For me the pick of the skincare bunch was Celestial moisturiser and Angels On Bare Skin (the latter is still found on my bathroom shelf as its a favourite of my other half).


My early thirties came and I still hadn’t found the perfect match. Since my late twenties, my attentions had been turning more and more towards organic skincare (not just cruelty free and natural) and once I discovered So Organic (my then local eco beauty and lifestyle store – now sadly only online), there was definitely no turning back – the gateway had been opened.


My Current Evening Products

Since then I have been toying with products and brands. Chopping and changing as is my whim. Working my way through an A-Z of clean beauty brands, finding out what works and what doesn’t. Innovations in beauty have meant a broader array of products and the opportunity to work out the best combinations for me. My greatest discovery has been oils. I wrongly imagined (as is probably the same for most people) that they wouldn’t be for me; I was a little bit scared of them. I was foolish. They are fabulous and I am now a total convert – ditto cleansing balms.

Today my bathroom shelf is an ever changing medley of products, consisting primarily of oils, waters, balms and serums. Not one cleansing lotion in sight – who’d have thought? What I’ve learnt over the years is that there are no rules and skincare promises can be broken and re-broken; It’s down to how you (and your skin) feels. I’m not sure why it took me so long to work that out.

Over the past year I have made a concerted effort to look after my skin. Since the birth of my daughter four years ago, my skin has visibly aged; of course the impending departure of my thirties hasn’t helped that. I do try to remain consistent and have sort of established a kind of something (I’m loathed to say routine) that works for me; ultimately that’s all that matters. I’m not going to say I’ve changed my ways and that I am religious in my skincare, there are days (especially those very late nights when I get in from work or the before dawn starts) when it all goes to pot but I’m trying. Believe me I am trying. But I’m taking one day at a time…

A bit of a frivolous post this but I just thought I’d share :)
L x


Image: Chris Lyn via Flickr, Laura Jane Sessions – Organic Make-up Artist


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  • lou dartford

    I LOVE oils! My skin just drinks them in, you’re right I think they are misunderstood but so good for all skins..ReplyCancel

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