My Morning Skincare Routine (for now at least)

My products vary month on month depending on what I have to hand in the drawer in my bathroom. Said drawer consists of a mixture of products which I have either purchased myself,  have been gifted to me or have been included in a beauty box – a great way to try new products and brands!

Despite the assortment of brands and the fabulous array of products at my disposal I invariably find myself returning to the same few products time and time again. If I have a particular reason or event on the horizon and need my skin looking it’s best (or I just feel it could look best), I revert to the tried and tested products. I have one such event coming up so I’ve swapped back to my favourites – the combination I know make my skin look great.

I kick off the day with a quick wipe around my face with some Madara Micellar Water (£14.00) on a muslin cloth or flannel. It’s been a favourite of mine for years and is a staple in my kit too. This not only removes the overnight debris but it refreshes; the fact it contains hyaluronic acid is a bonus – I am hydrating my skin from the off!

Any who’s been reading this a while will know about my love of the Ultra Radiance Organic Age Defying Serum from Beyond Organic Skincare (£17.00/£65.00) – if you don’t you can read my original post here. Rich in potassium, vitamins and fatty acids, I pop a little on my skin once I’ve given the micellar water a moment or two to try off.

Next up is the Twelve Beauty Rapid Eye Treatment (£44.00). I’ve used this on and off (budget permitting) for the past year or so and really like it. It’s a super lightweight fluid so one and a bit pumps is plenty to dot around my eyes.

My penultimate product is moisturiser. Currently I am using Evolve’s Multi Peptide 360 Moisture Cream (£30.00); this is the first time I’ve used this moisturiser and I have to say I am not sure I am totally sold on it. I really liked the Daily Renew Daily Face Cream (£28.00) however wasn’t quite convinced it was hydrating enough for me, so I purchased this to see if it would be the answer… Sadly I’m not sure it is. I am persevering but may return to the Daily Renew Cream once I’ve finished the current jar as it did work well with this combination of products.

Lat but not least is my favourite of facial oils, Odylique’s Super Fruit Concentrate (£33.00). I’ve been using this for years and love the fact it is a blend of oils which seems to work for me a little better than one single oil. Unlike most oils you apply it after your moisturiser; simply patting two or three drops onto my skin and pressing in.

In a nutshell this is my current morning skincare routine. It is always subject to change but this combination of products seems to suit my skin and so when I need my skin to look at its best I find myself reverting to these trusted products.

What are your must have skincare products?


Images: LJS – OMUA

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