Velvet Prune from Mavala

I am utterly hopeless at maintaining polish on my fingernails (within moments it is usually chipped, smudged or grazed) however I need little excuse for a pedicure (DIY or otherwise) and so on my first day off following a long run of work, I indulged in a DIY footcare session…

During the colder months I find myself erring towards deeper, warmer shades of polish and so Velvet Prune from Mavala (£4.95) was my pick for this particular mini pedi.

Velvet Prue was actually originally part of the Summer 2011 Fantasy Collection however it definitely had more of a winter feel to it. A rich deep red with a very slight purple undertone, I would consider it a little more maroon than burgundy.

One coat is disappointing and a little patchy, however a second will give you a much more even finish – I applied three to get this beautifully intense, creamy colour. Mavala polish lasts pretty well on the nails even without a top coat (I can never be bothered with this), so don’t be surprised if you get a good couple of weeks wear out of it (on the toes – fingers would obviously be less).

Mavala is by far and away one of my favourite nail polish brands. Not only are they free from many of the nasties commonly found in polishes (formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, cellophane, parabens and heavy metals) but also they don’t contain any animal derived ingredients.

There are a multitude of shades in the range (in excess of 100 I would estimate) and best of all they come in mini bottles – Perfect for a pro kit, fickle polish lovers and of course a little more eco-friendly!

You can read more about Mavala in my  Behind The Brand post

What are your favourite winter shades?


Images: (1) & (2) – OMUA LJS


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