Top Five: Winter Nails

As I write this we are just getting over a little bit of snow. When I was a kid the UK was covered in snow on a more regular basis and the impact was certainly much greater and much longer lasting – and some say global warming is a myth…

Feeling in a relatively festive mood (I am writing this pre-christmas) and in desperate need of a change of polish, I rooted though my nail bag to find some nail colours that were suitably wintery.

Here are my Top Five polishes for Winter nails…

Magic Snow – Mavala (from £2.79)

Snow was released in 2014 as part of the Magic Stardust Collection. A clear polish randomly dispersed with silver glitter bars of varying sizes (as opposed to glitter particles). I’ve never really gone down the bar route before so it is a new one of me and I think I like it although it takes a bit of getting used to; I can’t help but think that close up it looks like a silver version of the tiny magnetic graphite shards we used in science – or tiny hairs…

Red Red Wine – Pacifica Beauty (£11.99)

Deep red, Berry nails are synonymous with winter and in all honesty there are too many lovely versions on the theme to choose from. I’ve plumped for Red Red Wine from Pacifica Beauty, a beautiful rich deep red with a glossy cream finish. True to Pacifica’s roots, the bottle contains a vegan brush for application and the formulation is 7 Free to boot!

Muse – Intensae (€16.95)

You may remember that this polish featured on here back in 2015. Nothing has changed, I still love the colour and it has to be one of my favourites when it comes to gold glitter nails (if not the favourite). Muse has flakes of irregularly formed gold glitter suspended in a clear polish, which gives a multi dimensional, textured and definitely imperfect finish. Sadly my bottle is now pretty much finished but I can’t seem to find it in the UK any more so if you know where I can pick up a bottle please let me know :)

Peek-a-Boo – Little Odine (£11.00)

Winter is the perfect time for a shimmering blue (or at least one of them!) and this water based formulation from Little Odine is just beautiful. A vivid metallic blue with just a hint of shimmer and a fabulous glossy finish. The colour story is almost as lovely… The last glimmer of sunlight was dimming on the horizon. She looked westward to admire the last few minutes of the day, then looked straight up into the newly darkened sky. The brightest stars were always the first to peek through… and when you get sick of it? just peel it off!


Tris – Zoya (£9.95)

A twist on the traditional winter themes, one of this seasons trends (and one I can certainly see myself embracing) is the dark metallics. I’ve been inspired by the nails seen at the Mulberry show and have gone for the cool toned Tris by Zoya, a 10 free formulation which can be best described as a blackened, brushed nickel liquid metal. It has an full, opaque coverage and a stunning metallic finish.

Whats your go-to shade for winter?


Images: (1) The Express tribune; (2) Mavala; (3) Pacifica Beauty; (4) Intensae; (5) Little Odine; (6) Zoya


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