Living, Loving, Learning… #2

As we step into May, we are allegedly midway through Spring, however it certainly hasn’t felt like it. Despite the somewhat unpredictable and chilly weather, the days are slowly getting longer and lighter, the trees are in leaf and the birds are singing… Maybe one day soon we will be able to leave the house without a coat on..?


It’s been a super busy few months for me. I was working on a 10 week immersive theatre project throughout November, December and early January, which was great fun and super Christmassy however mostly prosthetics and hair based, so not huge amount to share beauty wise (although I’ve shared a fun pic below). That said, we heavily relied on Weleda Skin Food to nourish the skin of our cast; With two shifts a day, each with 16 shows, 6 days a week, their skin (and that of the WHAM team) was definitely in need of a little tlc! From there it’s been a mixture of commercials and broadcast TV work, plus a stint on a drama.

In addition to all of this this, I’ve also just moved house which also involved a couple of weeks of sofa surfing and house sitting friends houses as we weren’t able to move directly into our home. Living out of a suitcase also meant living out of a small toiletries bag and so I made a point of using up all the sample and travel sized products I had accumulated. I made a few product discoveries and have already purchased some full sized versions of these and there were a few I would like to retry before I commit.

By the time this is published (a little later than originally planned) then I’ll also have just moved studio/office as well – but that’s a story for another day… Now, after a relatively quiet easter, the small is back at school (having turned 12 over the weekend!!) and so I’ve been getting my life back on track.


I’m loving my new garden! The recent house move has meant leaving my small but much loved patio garden. One of my must haves when looking for somewhere to live was that the garden couldn’t be smaller than the one I already had. Thankfully my new garden is probably three times the size!

The house has been rented out for the past five years and so it is very much in need of some tlc. As well as a patio area and lawn (yay!) It already has some raised veg beds and a potting shed and despite having been in a very overgrown state (as you can see from the photo), I’m slowly pulling it into shape. I have seed potatoes coming through already, seeds sown and some plug plants on order. I’ll update you on how it’s all going in the coming weeks.

I have always loved growing my own and pottering in my garden but I don’t think I had truly appreciated  how much it was vital to my wellbeing until this move. I am in my happy place.


There has been less reading going on than usual as I simply haven’t had the headspace. I have however been listening to a lot of audio books and podcasts about a whole range of topics. Most recently I’ve been listening to A Thorough Examination with Dr’s Chris and Xand Van Tulleken (if you’re in the UK then you may be familiar with the twins and their kids tv show Operation Ouch), where they have been discussing the effects of Ultra-Processed foods on our bodies and our relationship with them. This podcast certainly got me thinking and I’ve have been investigating other podcasts along a similar vein.

I like to think that the majority of the time myself and my family eat pretty healthily and we mostly cook from scratch using fresh ingredients (much of which is organic and ethically sourced) but I am still partial to the odd bag of crisps, bar of chocolate or takeaway. Admittedly I am a little picky when it comes to the first two; I’m a very much a posh crisp girl (no Walkers here) and only really like 80-85% dark chocolate but even then when I look at the back of packets and jars in my kitchen cupboard there is more UPF in there than I would like – or had really realised.

It’s not that I wasn’t aware of UPF and the potential health risks but It’s definitely made me more aware of the extent to which it is found in every day items – even the organic ones. This podcast was just the tip of the iceberg so I’ll definitely be investigating the topic further and have already begun to take a little more care with my shopping…

What are the things that stand out for you from the start of 2024?


Images: LJS – OMUA

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