From The Vault: Dr Bronner Hand Sanitiser

Before you read on I must stress that I am by no means making any health/medical suggestions here however this post from a few years ago is one which now be more relevant than ever given the current pandemic affecting us globally.

Dr Bronner’s Lavender Hand Sanitizer(£5.25) is one that you can feel may really be stopping bacteria in its tracks. Obviously I can’t do the science-y bit and measure the amount of bacteria inhabiting my hands before or after using the spray, but a couple of quick squirts does make my mitts feel fresh and clean.

I love a product that only has minimal ingredients and this has just four, three quarters of which are organic and certified Fair Trade; the fourth being water. The anti-bacterial properties in the spray come primarily from the Ethyl Alcohol. Fairly traded, the medical grade alcohol used in the spray is produced from sugar cane that has been traditionally farmed in the hillsides of Ecuador.

The hand sanitiser contains pure organic essential oil, which smells beautiful. This all sounds great I know but there is a But. As much as I personally liked the lavender scent, it is in all honesty a little too overpowering and lingering for me to use on my hands between artists. Waste not, want not however, it has now taken up residence in my own bag.

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March 2020 update:

Ultimately there is no better method for removing bacteria from your hands than with warm water and a bar of soap! Hand sanitiser are a good second option if you have no access to a sink and soap but shouldn’t be relied upon as the only solution – if you even manage to get hold of one!!

Stay safe folks and best wishes

Laura x


62% Organic Fair Trade Ethyl Alcohol, Water, Organic Glycerin, Organic Lavender Oil



Images: (1); (2) LJS-OMUA

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