Happy Halloween

To celebrate this Halloween I thought I would have a little fun with some of the products that I have been writing about over the past few weeks and put together a simple look that could be recreated easily, without the need for prosthetics or expensive products. I knew it had to be a suitably halloween-y creation but was a tough call as to whether I created a beautiful or horrifying make-up. I finally settled on the former (partly due to my recent false lash purchase) but decided to steer clear of the traditional and just infer a witchy/ghosty theme…

I began by using a dampened soap bar to block out the ends of my eyebrows so they could be re-shaped later on. I naturally have quite dark brows in comparison to my hair and so blocking them out with soap is never an easy task! I applied a cream concealer to the dried soaped brows to help neutralise them before powdering, going over with Sante white face paint and then setting them with another layer of powder.

I didn’t want to look white, just pale and slightly etherial, so I applied the Elegant Minerals white face paint (this is a little less white than it’s Sante counterpart, if you get my drift) over my face, ears, neck and shoulders using a foundation brush and then worked it well into the skin using a Louise Young LY34.

Using the same brush, I worked dark green paint into my hairline and ears before contouring my face by applying the green to the underside of my cheekbones, my temples, either side of my nose and along my jawline. I blended the colour well as I didn’t want particularly hard lines on my face, just natural (ish) shadow. I then used clean brushes (an ecotools foundation and another LY34) to apply and blend the highlights; in this case the Elegant Minerals silver paint. I built up the colour until I was happy with the results and then finished the base with touches of the Sante silver on my Cupid’s Bow, cheekbones and a little above the brows.

I would usually begin the eyes by applying the brow product but on this occasion I wasn’t entirely sure how the eyes were going to manifest themselves and so I started with the lids themselves. I used the green paint to act as a base to the shadow; I had opted for mineral shadows from Zuii Organic as I have been hankering to try them out for a while.

I pressed a deep green over the lid and up into the crease before running a deep smokey grey into the socket line. I winged the grey up and out at the outer corners and then using a blending brush (LY38), softened the lines. I built up the colour a little more before adding a lighter green to the inner corner of the eye and along the brow bone and blending once again.

A dampened fine liner brush (LY24B) was used to apply the grey mineral shadow along the upper and lower lashlines and black facepaint doubled as a liner on the outer corners to give a more intense colour. I curled and coated my lashes with a few layers of black mascara; leaving them unbrushed for that gloppy lash look (not my favourite of lash looks I admit but it worked for this). Once I was happy with my eyes, I turned my attention to my brows, reshaping and elongating them slightly using a rust toned mineral eyeshadow and an angle brush.

I recently purchased a pair of Paperself lashes with a Halloween make-up in mind and decided to use just one of the pair to add detail to the outer corner of my eyes. I cut out the parts of one of the lashes that I required and afixed them using a litle lash glue (the other lash I will use for something else, it won’t go to waste I assure you).

Finally the lips. Using a lipbrush I applied Confident over the entire lip before lining and filling the outer corners with a small amount of Black face paint, blending them to avoid a hard line. I used a clean lip brush and applied Vibrance to the centre of both the upper and lower lips.

A final touch of silver face paint to add a little more highlight and little backcombing and a few pins in my hair and I was ready to roll!

I hope this has given you a little inspiration for your Halloween looks tonight. I would love you to share them with me, so tweet your photos to @OrganicMUA

Have a fantastic evening!

  • Elegant Minerals face paint in White
  • Elegant Minerals face paint in Dark Green
  • Sante face paint in White
  • Sante face paint in Green
  • Elegant Minerals face pain in Silver
  • Sante face paint in Silver
  • Soap bar (I can’t remember which but any will do)
  • Coleur Caramel Concealer
  • Elegant Minerals Geisha Powder
  • Sante face paint in White
  • Zuii Organic Flora Eyeshadow in Brownie
  • Sante face paint in Green

  • Sante face paint in black
  • Zuii Organic Flora Eyeshadow in Forest
  • Zuii organic Flora Eyeshadow in Jade
  • alva Green Equinox mineral powder in Enchanting
  • Lily Lolo mineral eyeshadow in Greyzie Daze
  • Zao Organic Macara in Black
  • Paperself lashes in Spider and Jane Iredale lash glue
  • Lush Emotional Brilliance lipstick in Confident
  • Lush Emotional Brilliance lipstick in Vibrance
  • Sante face paint in Black
Main Image: Laura Jane Sessions – Organic MUA
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