Top Five: Blusher Brushes

I dont know about you but I always find Blusher brushes a very handy sized brush to work with. A little more precise than the larger powder, you can pinpoint specific application and apply a whole range of products from blush to powder and Bronzer.

With a myriad of cream and powder products to apply, which brush really is best? Here are my Top Five Blusher Brushes…

Louise Young Cosmetics Super Blusher Brush LY06/06s

I love this brush and it is one of the first ones I turn to when applying a powder blush. The densely packed bristles feel luxurious on the skin and give an even coverage of product. The brush is available with both long and short handles (the latter being my personal choice) and it a perfect choice for professionals and individuals alike.

Find out more about the Louise Young brush collection

Zoeva Cream Cheek Brush 128

This is such a handy little angled brush that is great for both powder and cream blush (I find it better for the former). The vegan friendly synthetic bristles are fluffy and great for soft, natural blush lines and its short handle (and low price point) makes it a perfect choice for most personal make-up bags.

£7.50 from Love Make-up

London Brush Company nouVeau Super Soft Blusher 12

Another brush from a pro Make-up Artist, the Super Soft Blusher is part of the beautiful nouVeau vegan brush collection from Sîan Richards’ London Brush Company. Made from Vegan Blue Squirrel hair (a synthetic hair not vegan squirrels obviously), the traditional shaped brush is soft but despite this, holds it shape well during application.

Take a look at their brilliant brush shampoo too!

£36.00 from PAM

ECOTOOLS Tapered Blush Brush

ECOTOOLS bushes are always a great choice both ecologically and from a make-up point of view (and their price tag helps) and the Tapered blush brush is no exception to this rule. The soft synthetic bristles apply powder blush like a dream and feel lovely on the skin.

£7.99 from CutECOsmetics

Louise Young Cosmetics Super Foundation Brush LY34

I try not to include more than one product by one company in my top fives but try as I might, on this occasion I simply can’t avoid it. This has to be one of the brushes that I use most frequently in my make-ups and despite its name, it is perfect for applying cream blush. A densly packed, long bristle brush that tapers into a soft point, it follows the contours of the face beautifully.

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Body Images: Louise Young Cosmetics, EcoTools, London Brush Company, Zoeva
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