Be Decisive

de·ci·sive (d-ssv)

1. Having the power to decide; conclusive.
2. Characterized by decision and firmness; resolute.
3. Beyond doubt; unmistakable: a decisive defeat.

Vintage, classic, rock and roll, period, of an era; however you put it there is something truly beautiful about a red lip and I know that I am not alone in my love of them. I thought I’d share with you a fabulous red that I have been wearing over the past few weeks…

Decisive by Lush
It’s a lipstick but not as we know it… Decisive is a lipstick but in liquid form – yep, you heard me. Liquid.
Part of the Emotional Brilliance make-up range from UK based cosmetics company Lush, the liquid lipsticks are created using a blend of organic oils and natural waxes and are incredibly creamy in texture. The skin softening properties of the Candellila and Rose wax base makes the lipstick easy to wear with none of the drying sensation that can occur with some of the more fluid lip products.
Decisive is a glossy, vintage cherry red that echoes pure Hollywood glamour. In the bottle and on initial application the colour is true, however after a little wear I would say it is very slightly pinker toned than cherry (on my lips at least). Something that is not obvious initially is that Decisive has a slight pink iridescent sheen to it so those looking for a true red, this possibly isn’t the colour for you (but why not give it a whirl).
Highly pigmented, you only need one coating to have full on lip colour. The effect is long lasting, results in little bleeding and even with blotting the colour remains in place well into the night but is still fresh enough to leave those tell-tale lipstick on the collar marks – so beware!
The Emotional Brilliance range consists of a variety of highly pigmented lip and eye colours, each with a name that describes an emotional state. The idea is that tou spin a colour wheel and pick the first three colours that jump out at you, thus describing your emotional state at that time. I’m not sure that there is a much of a science behind it but it is fun no the less, so have a go at spinning the Emotional Brilliance Wheel of Colour yourself and see what it says about you.

Decisive is available from Lush online or in-store and is priced at £14.50.
Lush was established in 1995 by husband and wife team Mo and Mark Constantine. Originally supplier of fresh cosmetics to The Body Shop (in the good old days prior to L’Oreal), herbal Trichologist Mark and Beauty Therapist Elizabeth Weir established Cosmetics To Go, a mail order company supplying weird and wonderful cosmetics lotions and potions (I was a big fan). Sadly Cosmetics To Go folded and a few years later Lush was born.

Main Image: meaning from
Body Image: Laura Jane Sessions – Organic MUA
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