What’s In The Box!? My Pro Kit

Question: “I like *names brand* make-up. What products do you use?”

Answer: “Oh, a whole heap of different stuff”

And so it begins…

I get asked that question a lot and to be honest, sixteen years down the track and the days of long, in-depth explanations have, on the whole, gone. I go on to list a few specific brands and gloss over a few products and leave it at that. Short and sweet.
My answer isn’t one of disinterest, boredom or distain, its just that its actually quite a tough question that really only deserves (and frequently lacks the time for) a very lengthy answer. Like most Make-up Artists I like specific products from specific brands, sometimes three products may meet my requirements when for many, just one would suffice and sometimes I like one colour from one brand, one from another… The writing area on the back of a beermat just is simply inadequate when it comes to a pro kit.

A surprising proportion of people are not really aware of the expanse of natural or organic cosmetics on the market and so when I begin to list the not-on-the-high street brands I use, I am often met by a quizzical look. Some just say “Oh” and change topic, but most are genuinely interested; wanting to know more, look at products in my kit or start enthusing about health benefits, animal welfare and so on.

I love my job. I love my kit. I do however also understand that the majority of people don’t have the same enthusiasm or passion that I do and just feign interest or fall asleep a few sentences in. Hence my generally relatively short answer.

Having been asked the question once again on Facebook recently, I was then asked if I would do a post on what was in my kit. So, over a series of posts this summer (trying to condense my explanation and whole kit into one post would be nigh on impossible!) I am going to share with you different aspects of my pro kits (I have a couple but more about that over the summer).

If you have any questions about my kit, the products I use or even how long it takes to load it into the car (a while I can assure you), drop me a line on twitter, Facebook or on here and I will answer as many as I can.

L x

Images courtesy of: Laura Jane Sessions – Organic Make-up Artist
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