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On occasion all you want is to add a little colour to a skin rather than do a full make-up. This is especially true in the case of male make-ups, maybe when you want to achieve an effortless hero tan (you know, that healthy outdoorsy complexion – think of the characters in the US TV series Lost) or where keeping products to a minimum is sometimes key to a happy (if a little fussy) customer.
Dr Hauschka – Translucent Bronze Concentrate

A very handy tinting fluid for to evening out skin tones, giving a healthy glow or natural looking tan to fair to medium skins or adding a little lift to darker skins. I love using this on my male clients and, as it is free from those pesky glitter particles it is great for high definition.
Designed to be blended with a moisturiser, I have a tendancy to use it neat for a little more density. A great organic dupe for the (very non-organic) Make-up Forever HD Primer No 4 (the caramel-y coloured one for those in the know), a product I formally used for creating my hero tans, Bronze Concentrate is much sheerer and in all honesty much less orangey. Depending on the skin tone, used neat it can add a delicate glow or look positively tropical!
A very runny liquid formulation, you do have to be on the ball as it dries very quickly and needs working to avoid streaking. I usually apply it to the back of my hand and then work it into the skin with a foundation brush and my fingers. You only need a small amount of the concentrate to get the coverage so go easy and the little glass bottle will last you for ages!
There is a distinctive, slightly herbal scent to the concentrate that is a little reminiscent of a health food store. Slightly dated and it could be off putting for some but if you can get past the scent (it does fade after a time) then it’s certainly worth a try.
Priced at £26.95 from Naturisimo

Dr Hauschka is the brand name for the range of skincare products produced by German company WALA Heilmittel GmbH. Founded in 1935, WALA is now a multi-million pound business with over 600 employees worldwide. The products are cruelty free and made from natural ingredients, all carry the BDIH ‘Certified Natural Cosmetics’ seal, ensuring that ingredients are sustainably sourced and produced using either bio- dynamic or certified organic agricultural methods.

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Body Image courtesy of: Dr Hauschka
Lyrics courtesy of: Mr David Bowie
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