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I am often asked where to start when it comes to knowing and understanding more about the toxic ingredients that sadly make up a large proportion of the ingredients in the majority of beauty products available on the market – I just read some books and did some googling. Simple right?

Finding the right books to read can be a minefield, there are so many out there and so much misinformation. If one of your New Year resolutions was to green up your cabinet and detoxify your make-up bag, then why not start here and check out my top five clean beauty reads…
No More Dirty Looks – Sobhian O’Connor & Alexandra Spunt

Pub: Da Capo

Want to find out more about what exactly goes into our beauty products? This informative (and slightly scary) book dishes the dirt on our favourite products and offers up some great alternatives.

£8.00 and available from Content or in all good book stores

Not Just a Pretty Face – Stacy Malkan
Pub: New Society Publishers
Another great book to start you off on the road to green-ness. Delving into the dark secrets of the beauty industry, this book uncovers the ugly truth. Be afraid. Be very afraid…
£8.00 (approx) and available online and in all good book stores
The Green Beauty Bible – Sarah Stacey & Josephine Fairley
Pub: Kyle Books
From the authors of the acclaimed Beauty Bible comes the Green one. With the focus on the positive side of clean beauty, Jo and Sarah show us how it is possible to look good from top to toe naturally.
£5.00 (approx) – available online and in all good book stores
Organic Body Care Recipes – Stephanie Tourles
Pub: Storey Books
For those who are a little more interested in doing, this lovely book contains recipes by the dozen. So, whether you want to make lip balm or shampoo, face masks or foot scrub, this DIY guide to making your own beauty products could be right up your street.
£11.00 (approx) – available online and in all good book stores
Little Green Book of Beauty: 250 tips for an Eco lifestyle – Sarah Callard
Pub: Carlton Books
If long form isn’t for you, then this pocket sized book of Eco beauty tips is right up your street. 250 ideas for cleaning up the beauty side of your life including; animal testing, organics and other ethical issues.
£5.00 (approx) – available online and in all good book stores
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