The dawning of each new year is a great opportunity to put things behind you, take stock and start afresh. As 2012 ends, it is once again time to think about all the things we will try to do (or not do as the case may be) and make our new years resolutions..
Every year my resolutions revolve around the usual; do more exercise, eat less cake (I’m rather partial to a slice), help old ladies across the road etc etc. Sadly I’m not the most strong willed person in the world, so invariably I fail miserably on the cake front by the end of the first week and my trainers will still in the back of the wardrobe as we enter March – having said that, my assisted road crossing targets remain good coming into 2013!

This year I’m not going to fool myself into thinking I can achieve the impossible (again), so I’m going to focus on three simple make-up/blog related things I know I will stick to. This is not really the point I know, but with a very active and sleep averse 8 month old, I think it will not be long before I’m desperately reaching for the cake tin…


So here they are, my Resolutions.

#1 – Try New Products: We all get stuck in a product rut from time to time, myself included, so I’m going to ensure that I try at least one new organic beauty product each month, be it of the skincare, make-up or hair product variety.

#2 – Double Posting: Get myself back to publishing a blog post twice a week. This materity induced double blogging hiatus is going to stop and I will try to get back to twice weekly posts as frequently as possible and have already been busy lining up reviews for some great products.

#3 – Be Creative: I have a list of creative things that I plan to do, both in my work as a Make-up Artist and as a Blogger. The list has been sitting at the back of my mind since the summer and really needs actioning. This, I admit may not happen on January 1st, but it will (hopefully) begin to happen step by step over the course of the month – listen out for further updates!

So there we are, my admittedly simple, new year resolutions for 2013. I’m sure these are ones I won’t be breaking.

Finally, however you are choosing to see the new year in tonight, I hope you have a truly lovely evening and I wish you a very happy, prosperous and fulfilling 2013!

Laura x

Oh yes, and of course I will continue to keep the old ladies (and if needs be gentlemen) of South London crossing safely.

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