Top Five: Lip Brushes

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Top Five brush post, so I will remedy that this instant with a look at my favourite five lip brushes…

Louise Young Cosmetics LY27 Filbert Lip Brush*

I’m sure by now the Louise Young Cosmetics brushes need no introduction for me and the LY27 is my favourite of the lip collection (in fact I have three!). A sable brush (natural hair not synthetic) with mid length tapered bristles. Suitable for applying lipstick, gloss or balm, I admit I would never use a natural hair brush on the latter two but this is personal choice – that said, it applies them perfectly well. If you prefer a synthetic brush then I recommend the LY26 instead.

Cozette P370 Stylist Lip Brush
Longer and more domed than many lip brushes, the P370 is as beautiful brush to work with as it is to look at. With its sleek purple handle made from sustainable sources and luxury synthetic bristles, it not only gets the thumbs up aesthetically. In the UK this only seems to be available as part of the Vitality brush Collection but I can assure you it used to be sold on its own. With a few name changes to the brushes, the collection may be going through a transition so it is worth keeping an eye out for it to come back on it’s own.

Priced around £15.00 where sold     –

Bdellium Tools Green Bambu 546 Square Lip Brush

Sometimes lipstick/gloss application calls fore something a little different and for these times I love a square headed brush. The Bdellium green and pink ranges are made from bamboo and like all Bdellium brushes are at a great price point for professional and consumer alike.

£6.50 from Cocktail Cosmetics     – 

London Brush Company #2/N Soft Bent Lip Brush  

Angled lip brushes are perfect for a multitude of reasons; applying lip colour under a moustache (usually only on male make-up); working on a face that other people are working on at the same time; working around prosthetic appliances… you get the drift. Made from Vegan Mongoose (they name for synthetic hair not actually a vegan mongoose).

 £19.00 from Screenface     –
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Precision Lip brush
Smaller brushes are great for detail work and this traditionally shaped one is great for just that. The vegan friendly synthetic head has very firm bristles with helps with precision detailing and it is great for applying lip colour in all forms (especially their own Lip Tars!). 

£14.99 from Love Make-up     –

*Not suitable for vegans

Main Image: via Wikipedia
Body Images: Louise Young Cosmetics, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, London brush Company, Bdellium Tools, Cozzette 

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