Top Five: Cruelty Free Lashes

False lashes are big business these days and I for one am a big fan (although I rarely wear them on myself, mores the pity), but beautiful as they are, not all lashes are cruelty free (more about this in the next few weeks – believe me, writing this post opened a super-sized can of worms!)

I use the term cruelty free in the traditional sense of the phrase; meaning that no animal has been harmed or used in the production of the false lashes I have mentioned. 

From human to synthetic, high street to couture, here are my Top Five cruelty free false lashes…

Winks by Georgie (*)

These lashes are inspired by old school, classic hollywood glamour; Winks By Georgie offer ten classic styles from individual to half lashes and subtle flare to full on vamp – all housed in an eco refillable compact. It is not just about the lashes either! Free from formaldehyde, parabens and synthetic fragrance, the vegan friendly adhesive is infused with USDA certified organic Blue Chamomile to soothe the skin. 

From £9.64 via Nordstrom (+)

Paperself Lashes

If you want cruelty free you can’t get much free-er than the machine cut, Paperself lashes. As I am sure you are aware by now, I am a massive fan of these lashes and have included them in a number of previous posts. Not for the feint-hearted, Paperself lashes are nothing if not eye-catching, with fifteen full lash designs (plus a few half lashes) with names such as Polka Dot Pop, Peach Blossom and Under The Sea. 

£12.50 from Paperself

Helen Dowsley Lashes

The Voice Australia, Home & Away and X Factor Australia; when it comes to celebrity appearances  lashes don’t get much bigger than these. Designed by International Make-up Artist Helen Dowsley, the ethically sourced lashes are produced using super-lightweight synthetic fibres. From strip and individuals to under lashes, HD lashes have a lash for every occasion.

AUS $12.00 from HD Lashes (+)

EcoTools Lashes

Lashes don’t need to be pricey to be cruelty free. These animal and vegan friendly lashes are created from the same synthetic fibres used to create their much loved brushes. Complete with a lash glue that is formulated without formalhdyde, paragons and latex (perfect for those with latex allergies!). Thankfully EcoTools lashes have finally made it across the pond so head down to your local high street to bag yourself a pair!

£5.99 from Boots

Eylure False Lashes (*)

A high street stalwart for nearly seventy years, Eylure lashes are probably one of the best known brands on the planet. Produced using both synthetic and human hair, Eylure offer an enormous range of lashes from strip to individuals, under lashes and rhinestone encrusted, add to that the celebrity endorsements from Girls Aloud and Katy Perry… Welcome to a lash wonderland!

Prices start at  £4.95 from Boots

(*) Please note that some of these lashes are made from human hair. 
(+) UK Shipping available

Main Image: Urban Decay
Body Images: Eylure, EcoTools, Georgie Beauty, Helen Dowsley Lashes, Paperself

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  • Thank you so much for this post, what drew me into the world of green beauty was a search for cruelty free brands and products. I had never really considered the ethics behind false lashes, so would love to hear more on this. I don’t wear them that often, although I do really like the sound of the Winks by Georgie (big thumbs up for the compact too!) xReplyCancel

    • Hi Chesca
      Thanks for commenting.
      Lashes are a bit of minefield so I am glad you found the post useful. I have another post coming (about the ethics behind them) in the next few weeks that may (hopefully) be equally useful.
      L xReplyCancel

  • […] at the beginning of 2014 whilst I was researching a piece I was writing and got in touch (the post can be found here). What began as a simple post about lashes became something much bigger and so when Helen, the […]ReplyCancel

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