Love: Minnie Messie Mat

One of the first things you are taught when studying make-up is how to set up correctly and hygienically and as a matter of course, I still to this day carry a towel to spread out on my work station when I set up. In recent months I have become increasingly tired of carrying towels around for this purpose; surely there must be a better way to keep a work space clean?

So I invested in a mat. Yes, this months love is my new mat (you will see why).

A lot of my work is in Outside Broadcast and all too frequently the make-up room isn’t actually a make-up room but a corner that nobody else wants to use (it’s all glamour in this game!). There are times that you walk into the space (or corner) that has been generously designated for your use, move a few camera boxes and just think eugh! Out come the wet wipes and santitiser and a cleaning spree ensues.

In a bid to keep my work area a little more hygienic (and to give even more protection against the mucky surrounds) I decided to splash out on a mat. Not just any old mat, but a wipeable and water resistant mat on which to lay my kit.

I always look to buy locally where possible and after a scout about, I decided to go for a mat from a UK based company called Messie Mats. Messie Mats offer a range of lightweight, foldable mats that are designed specifically for Make-up Artists and Therapists.

Measuring approximately 56 x 46cm, there are currently seven vintage inspired mats to choose from and I opted for Minnie; a scarlet mat with white polka dots. Super cute and perfect for adding a splash of colour to dreary surrounds.

I received my mat earlier this week and can’t wait to try it out on my next job.

Messie mats are handmade in the UK

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