Top Five: Blue Eyeshadow

For many blue eyeshadow reeks of the 1980’s, of first forays into make-up and of ancient Yardley wearing relatives. Blue has hardly had the best of track records when it comes to adorning the lids so I can understand if you are a little dubious when I say that blue is back…

Forget the chalky baby blue hues and shimmery Icey tones of those Rimmerl or Collection 2000 compact duos (you remember them?); this season blue means business. From the rich, solid blocks of colour worn at the Marc Jacobs shows to the pastel washes created by Pat McGrath for Miu Miu, corners have been turned and now blue could make the new you.

Here are my Top Five clean blue eyeshadows…

Blue Wonder
from Kjaer Weis

Blue Wonder is a stunning, rich and intense shadow that looks great on pretty much all skintones. Produced using bamboo for a silk smooth finish, it is the perfect choice for creating a twist on the traditional smokey eye or adding a solid block of colour to the lid.

£30.00 (compact) or £15.00 (refill) from Content

Dark Night (#108) from Couleur Caramel

I love (and own) many of the Couleur Caramel eyeshadows and this particular shade is one that I am going to have to add to my collection. A stunning midnight blue, Dark Night is highly pigmented and can be build up to create a bold take on this seasons blue eyed trend.

£11.00 from Couleur Caramel

Voltage Eye Shimmer (#622) from Vapour Beauty

Vapour eye shimmers never fail and this lovely pale blue is no exception. The hydrating cream formula makes it beautifully easy to blend and apply and the softly shimmering Icey tone is perfect for those wishing to play down a blue shadow.

$20.00 – Not currently available in the UK

Lapis Raw Pigment from Haut Cosmetics

If loose powders are more your thing then check out this raw pigment from Haut; Lapis is a beautiful blue that lives up to it’s name. A versatile product, pigments can be applied neat to the eyelid for a softer finish, over a cream base for added definition or with a wet brush for the ultimate jewel-like impact.


Laguna Blue (#10) from Lavera

I have mistakenly overlooked Lavera a little of late but this shimmering shadow is reminiscent of soft sandy shores. A gorgeous soft aquamarine, Laguna Blue is a perfect summery shade that is sure to send you away to a tropical paradise.

£10.50 from Pravera (currently available for £5.25)

Main Image: Courtesy of Mark Leibovitz via Glamour Magazine – Marc by Marc Jacobs Show 2014
Body Images: Lavera, Kjaer Weis, Haut Cosmetics, Vapour Beauty, Couleur Caramel

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