Behind The Brand: Kure Bazaar

Question: What do have potato, cotton and wood pulp have in common?

The answer? They are all found in a bottle of Kure bazaar nail polish…

Kure Bazaar give a new twist to free-from nail polishes; fashion forward colours combined with a truly natural formulation.

Launched in 2012, eco nail polish brand Kure Bazaar is the brainchild of Brazilian born model Kartika Luyet. Inspired by her decision during pregnancy and in the months following her son’s birth to abstain from wearing nail polish, Luyet joined forces with one of her closest friends; a beauty industry veteran and began to look into alternatives to conventional nail colour.

Working with one of the best French laboratories, the friends wanted to create a truly natural formula that performed like a conventional product – without compromise. The polish had to be long lasting, fast drying, chip resistant and have a high shine finish. No easy task.

After years of research, Kure Bazaar reduced the use of the synthetic chemicals found commonly found in conventional nail brands. These in some cases, potentially toxic chemicals have been substituted for cleaner, natural ingredients that preserve and protect the nail and nail bed.

At 85% natural, Kure Bazaar use the highest percentage of naturally derived ingredients possible today. This incredible formulation consists of an almost unbelievable combination of ingredients including wheat, cotton, potatoes, corn and wood pulp. The outcome is a 4-free formula that is free from toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor.

With a huge number of shades, Kure Bazaar doesn’t just deliver in goodness but also in colour. The spectrum covers all the bases from blues and reds through to nudes and pastels and there are also clear top and bottom coats and Clean; a matte invisible polish. Stand out shades for me are Stiletto (a true scarlet), Scandal (a deep cherry red), Hipster (a gorgeous mid blue/grey from the Jeans collection), Cashmere (a soft dove grey) and Sofisticato (a beautiful mushroom).

Kure Bazaar was introduced to the UK in March 2012 by natural and organic beauty store Content. Priced at £14.95 a bottle, Kure Bazaar is available in the UK from Love Lula, Naturisimo and of course, Content.

Images courtesy of Kure Bazaar
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