The Last Facebook…

I was a relative latecomer to Facebook. When I signed up (apparently 10 year ago) it was almost under duress. I gave in to all my nagging friends who told me I must join because my life would be so much better for it… Right.

I’ve never been a particularly active or engaged user. Until about three years ago I would post a possibly once yearly photo of my (now late) cat and occasionally comment on the general goings on that my family or 58 friends posted about but that was it.

I generally only check in once in a rare while – much to annoyance of my Facebook loving friends who would send me invites only for me not to turn up because I hadn’t received the message… If you want to get in touch to invite me to your 40th birthday party then text me, email me or call me… FFS!!!

I’m not going to get into the politics of recent Facebook based events on here as I don’t feel it is appropriate or relevant, however it is something I do feel strongly about and have done for a long time  – the phrase the straw that broke the camels back springs to mind.

I set up an Organic Make-up Artist Facebook page back in 2012 just after I started my blog because I felt I should link to all social networks but feel it is no longer necessary, so have taken the decision to close the page (I think I even mentioned doing so in a post about a year) and fully delete my account.

As a Make-up Artist it will make absolutely not difference to me whatsoever (I closed my Laura Jane Sessions – Make-up Artist page a year or so ago) but from a blogging perspective I did have to weigh up my decision carefully before committing. When all is said and done, I have strong principles and ethics and feel I would be undermining these if I continued to endorse Facebook by using it; it is ok to say no.

If you do follow me on Facebook then you will know that my page is only populated by links from my twitter and Instagram accounts* and if you have tried to contact me via the page than I most likely haven’t responded (sorry).

I will continue to run both my Instagram and Twitter accounts as per usual so do take a look at these if you haven’t already – they have all the good stuff on anyway ;)

You can find me @organicmua on both Instagram and Twitter

You can also subscribe to Organic Make-up Artist via email (you can find the box on the right hand side) or Bloglovin’. Both of these options mean that you get the latest post straight to your inbox and don’t miss anything.

I’ll get by without the cute kitten and snowboarding dog videos but if you really need to share them with me, you know where I am ;)

L x


* I know Facebook owns Instagram however at present I am not in particular conflict with it and so will not be closing it at this time.



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