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When it comes to applying false lashes, there is one product that dominates more than any other and is glue of choice for most Make-up Artists. Sadly the adhesive concerned (I’m not going to mention names here) is not only latex based but, possibly more importantly, contains the chemical Formaldehyde which, as we are aware is incredibly toxic and a known carcinogen.

I have been on the hunt for a reliable latex-free lash glue for a while; having a latex-free alternative in my kit is important, but finding one which also lacks formaldehyde has been problematic (certainly here in the UK).

Jane Iredale Lash Glue

This may seem a little strange, but as this post is about the secondary product in the packet so to speak, on this occasion I am going to bypass the main event you are paying for – the lashes and jump straight to the glue (there will be a lash post to come in the future).

The glue is the little tube at the bottom of the image!

Like most conventional lash glues, the Jane Iredale lash glue is found in a teeny little tube located in the back of the stylish Jane Iredale Faux Lash pack. 

The glue is a colourless and odourless gel; my eyes generally don’t react to lash glues and I have yet to encounter anyone who has reacted to this glue, seemingly making it suitable for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes.

Sadly the glue not available to purchase on it’s own, so you are essentially paying for the lashes, which is a little frustrating. It would be nice if the glue was available individually and not just as part of the Faux Lash pack, however I appreciate that this is probably not a viable option for Jane Iredale as most consumers would be after the lashes themselves.

Out of professional habit, I tend to apply lash glue to the back of my hand or a palette rather than working from the tube itself (even when applying the glue to my own false lashes) and have found that it does dry very quickly, so you do need to work fast!

The longevity of the glue is pretty good, I have had individual lashes on all day without any going astray and ending up sitting on the cheek or falling into the eye. As the glue is so lightweight, I was a little uncertain to begin with as to whether I had enough product on the lash, but it seems that you don’t actually need much in order for the lashes to stay put.

By sheer accident (i.e when I myself was wearing both the glue and lashes to a wedding recently and forgot), I discovered that the glue removed easily using water and/or a mild remover – there is no need any any industrial strength lash remover here!

Priced at around £13.50 for the glue and pack of individual lashes, it is possibly not the most cost effective way to buy lash glue, however if you have a latex allergy or a set on a toxin-free alternative then this is the glue for you.

Jane Iredale is a ‘Not-organic-but-nearly’ brand, formed in 1994. The first cosmetics line to provide a comprehensive range of mineral based make-up, Jane Iredale avoid the use of nano-sized particles in their products and the range is free from talcs and parabens and is completely cruelty free.


Acrylates Copolymer, Aqua, Dextrin, Tocopherol

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