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Today I thought I would share with you a couple of images from a vintage photoshoot that I worked on late last year; two different make-ups, inspired by Jazz icon Ella Fitzgerald, all created using organic and natural products.

The shoot, which took place at the beautiful Cathedral Quarter Hotel in Derby, was part of an advertising campaign for ethical wedding planning consultancy La Vie Est Un Voyage.


Model (and real life bride-to-be) Kim had a great face to work on and a pretty flawless complexion, so, once I’d moisturised her skin, I applied a light coverage of primer before applying foundation and concealer.

The first look (pictured at the top of the page) was a softer, day make-up; I brushed a small amount of eyeshadow through Kim’s brows to fill and define and then finished with some brow gel. 

I kept the eye make-up fairly low-key for the first shot, using nude shadows to define and subtly enhance Kim’s natural eye shape before applying a liquid liner and false lashes. The cheeks were gently sculpted using a blusher and a slightly deeper tone to contour and to finish, I applied lipliner and then followed with a beautiful classic red lip.

The second make-up (left) was a little more dramatic and shot in black and white. As we were very limited for time on the day, I simply freshened up the base and then added a little more definition to the eyes using stronger shadows and thickening the eyeliner. I applied a little more contour and small amount of highlighter to the cheeks and collarbone, before re-lining the lips and applying a deep brown/red lip colour. 

Kim looked beautiful, even if I do say so myself – not being a professional model or someone who wears much make-up, she was very apprehensive about the shoot, the lip colours especially were something she was very unsure of as they were much brighter and stronger than she was used to, but she ended up loving them! 

Products Used:
Inika Pure Primer
Nvey Eco Creme Deluxe Foundation in 871
(the concealer I used was sadly not a natural or organic product)
Couleur Caramel Eyeshadows – I can’t remember all the colours I used on the day..
Lavera Style & Care Brow Gel
Jane Iredale Lash glue (lashes from Eylure)
Dr Hauschka Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Couleur Caramel Mascara in Black
Elysambre Blusher
Inika Light Reflecting Highlighter
Make-up 1 – Elysambre Lipstick in Garnet Red
Make-up 2 – Dr Hauschka Novum Lipstick No 3 in Hazelnut

All of the hair products were by Giovanni and Daniel Field.

Images courtesy of: Shaun Taylor Photography and La Vie Est un Voyage

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