On Screen: The Lost One’s

Just before Christmas I worked on a film installation which was one of two commissioned for the Jerwood/FVU Awards 2019. The theme for this years awards Going, Gone, gave the filmmakers the to opportunity to portray the uncertain present (and unclear future) of contemporary Britain in the lead-up to its declared exit from the European Union.

The Lost Ones (directed by Richard Whitby) shows a desperate group of individuals waiting to have their residency status assessed.

Stuck in bureaucratic limbo, and asked to attend an interview at a place called the Premium Service Centre, they find themselves interrogated by a disembodied voice, whose peremptory manner and frequently malicious tone makes for an uncomfortable, hostile environment.

Shot over the course of three days, using a combination of actors and real peoplethe cast were pretty much in the dark as to what to expect. The film for the most part was unscripted and in order to aid building tension the cast weren’t allowed to see the set or have any contact with anyone aside from myself and a couple of other crew members before the camera started to roll.

From a make-up perspective my job was to make the cast look as normal as possible. Some of the women were asked to came wearing a little of their own make-up however for the most part it was starting from scratch; using all green beauty products of course!

Throughout the film the characters portray a variety of emotions such as stress, anxiety, for or even anger and so making them look perfect wasn’t on the agenda. Sweat and messy hair were all par for the course and there were no touch-ups or on set checks. As a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to make-up it is always hard to let go on these situations but it’s part of the job :)

The film is showing at Jerwood Space until 2nd June 2019 if you are in the London Bridge area in the next couple of months.


Images: (1) Jerwood/FVU; (2) Curtesy of Richard Whitby

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