It’s Christmas!

I can’t believe we are here already but in the immortal words and tone of Noddy Holder (of British seventies rock group Slade), IT’S CHRISTMASSSS!!!

It’s been an incredibly hectic year for me. One year ago today I got engaged (after nearly twenty years of togetherness – we are very laid back!) and so over the past twelve months I have planned an ethical and low impact wedding, got married, travelled to four different countries (one was Wales [five times] but it’s still technically a different country) and also started a Masters Degree! Add in juggling work, small person and general life stuff and at some point I may have remembered to breath!


My little blog has now reached 8 years of age and although this year she has had to take a bit of a back seat as I have had/have other priorities, she hasn’t been forgotten and I hope that 2020 will bring a new exciting selection of products and adventures to share and of course many more posts!

Thank you for sticking with me through another year, all your support is very much appreciated.

Now I’m going to hang up my stocking and settle down on the sofa with a mince pie (or possibly two), so I wish you all a very happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas and a wonderful holiday –

Bring on 2020!!

Laura x


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