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It’s been a while since I have posted on here; I’ve tried to be a little more committed but life has simply just got in the way! Coming back to the platform after my unintentional (and somewhat extended) mini break, I thought I would take the opportunity to re-introduce myself – especially to those you who have have followed me more recently (hello, and thank you :)

I’m Laura. I am a Makeup Artist and Designer, working principally in film, TV and commercials, however over the course of a career (which has spanned nearly two and a half decades!) I have pretty much done everything – from George Michael music videos and royal wedding broadcast coverage to award-winning films and toy commercials.

I have spent much of the past few months studying for a Masters in Prosthetics & Sculpting – hence my irregular posting on here. Finally, (after what was supposed to be one year but turned out to be closer to two – thanks COVID!) I have now completed my course and so who knows what new adventures may begin… watch this space…

This little blog began back in September 2011 when I was pregnant with my daughter – who celebrated her ninth birthday last week! Originally designed as a platform to share green, conscious and ethical beauty with Makeup Artists however I soon realised I had a wider audience so she has grown from there.

I have been passionate about the environment from an early age. I grew up on a smallholding in rural Suffolk with parents who instilled ethical and ecological values – weekends spent canvasing for the Green Party with my dad who stood in local elections.

My green beauty journey began at 14 when I started wearing makeup regularly and became aware of the issues surrounding animal welfare and cosmetic testing which lead me to avoid brands whose products were tested on animals. My interest in how products and tools were produced spanned from that.

I began using natural and organic skincare in my kit from the early 2000’s however it wasn’t until about 2010 I began to seriously integrate green makeup products. Initially it was the odd eyeshadow palette or mascara but now I would (at a conservative) guess that at least 80-85% of my makeup kit consists of natural and organic brands (sadly my SFX kit is another matter but I’m working on that). Products are ever evolving and becoming higher and higher performance so I am always looking to build and improve on what I have in my makeup bags.

Ingredients are immensely important to me but isn’t just about products being produced using (or avoiding) specific ingredients, it is also about the bigger picture. I am conscious of the whole process from the provenance of the ingredients through to the packaging of the finished article; the ethical practices of the company, their supply chain management and their environmental impact. Sustainability is key to my work.

I love discovering new products and brands. Niche and independent British brands are a particular favourite of mine – nothing against non-British brands here but the lower the travel footprint the better! I’m always open to new ideas and suggestions, so if you think something may be of interest then give me a shout!

I have taken a little break from Instagram over the past few months and I’m not sure how my relationship with that will proceed (possibly more about that another time) but I am back on there for now. I’m on Twitter also – you can find me @OrganicMUA on both platforms. Come over and say hi!

Laura x




1.) @rossfergusonphoto courtesy of @azhursaleem;
2.) courtesy of Graham Sessions

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