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The problem with false lashes is that so many are utterly rubbish. That may sound harsh but over the past twenty one years (!) I have been working as a Make-up Artist I have applied a lot of pairs of false eyelashes and some are just dire…

The problem is that unlike many make-up products it is impossible to tell how they are going to fair until you actually use them; cheap ones aren’t necessarily any worse than luxury ones. Strip lash bands can be hard and fairly inflexible and ping off at any given opportunity. Quality aside, another issue with the majority of false lashes is the ethics behind them.

I came across Helen Dowsley Ethical False Lashes ($12.00 AUD – around £6.50) at the beginning of 2014 whilst I was researching a piece I was writing and got in touch (the post can be found here). What began as a simple post about lashes became something much bigger and so when Helen, the Make-up Artist* behind the range generously sent me quite a few packs of her lashes to try out, I couldn’t wait to see how they faired.

Amongst the packs Helen sent me were a multi-pack of Favourites lashes and ever since I first tried these lashes I have been more than a little bit obsessed, incorporating them into so many make-ups; including the wedding of one of my best friends.

Favourites are full length strips of criss-cross fibres attached to a solid band designed to give an eyeliner effect. The lashes lengthen and flare towards the outer corners in a manner which helps to create the illusion of an almond shaped eye. Favourites lashes add volume and definition to create a smouldering eye that adds drama and impact to any make-up.

The lashes are handmade (by a small independent husband and wife team in south east Asia) using synthetic fibre and are incredibly light-weight. Five years in the making, these lashes are pretty special as I am sure you can see from the image above; incredibly natural looking even for an impact lash.

*Her client list includes Kylie Minogue, Rihanna, Lily Allen and Jackie Onassis and her work has been seen on X Factor, Australia’s Got Talent, Australian Idol and Next Top Model.


*      *      *

Personally I don’t use copious amount of lashes however Helen Dowsley lashes are by far and away the best false lashes I have ever used.  I still have many pairs in my kit today – I bought in bulk in all lash variations!!

The lashes are the most comfortable I’ve personally ever worn (on the very rare occasion I do wear them) and this has been reiterated time and time again by those on whom I have applied them. The band is just the right thickness and has just the right amount of flex to it. Equally the lashes themselves look natural even if they do appear flamboyant or dramatic. I genuinely can’t fault these lashes.

Sadly Helen Dowsley Lashes have now ceased trading, so it is no longer possible to buy these fabulous lashes. I’ve had a good scout around and there are a few pairs left on the company website however just a handful remain (for the bargain price of $1.10!!). It’s such a shame when small, independent brands close, especially ethical ones.

I know there are a number of cruelty free lash lines out there but I’m not really sure how far their ethical status goes one you get past the animals…

Images; (1) sadly I can no longer find the link to this image; (2) LJS – OMUA

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