Eye Shadow Brush from NYR

 I’m feeling a little fraudulent titling this an eyeshadow brush post, because it’s really not. The brush is named thus but I would never consider using it to apply eyeshadow – so apologies in advance for any confusion…

I picked this brush up on a whim in a sale in my local Neal’s Yard Remedies store a couple of years ago. I didn’t purchase it as an eyeshadow brush; in fact I only discovered its actual name when checking the website prior to writing this post!
As brushes go it is quite petite. The handle is made of sustainable bamboo which makes it relatively lightweight and easy to manage. The dark brown synthetic bristles are firm, flat and beautifully shaped; cut into a mid length, elegant dome.

The combination of bristle texture and shape make it ideal for applying cream products to smaller areas. The bristles fit beautifully under the eye so applying and blending concealer is effortless and the firmness of the dome also makes it perfect for lipstick application; you can create a strong and straight lip line with ease. In recent months I have been using it more and more and it has become my go-to multitask-er for both.

This is where I was planning to stop, but I do feel I should bring up the issue of the name… I am a big believer in using brushes for whatever purpose you like – there are no rules and what works for one person will not necessarily work for another; however many people don’t think like that. I purchased this thinking it was a concealer brush and was genuinely surprised when I discovered it was actually designed for shadows – there is a concealer/lip one available but this has a much smaller head.

Over the years I have become a bit of a makeup brush aficionado (read: obsessive) and in all honesty I can’t see how it would work for most people on a day to day basis as the bristles are so firm, narrow and structured. I can see it working for detail or effect work on the eye area but for general shadow application, no. 

Dear Neal’s Yard Remedies, I love this brush but do disagree with its name :)

Have you used this brush? If so how do you find it and what do you use it for?

The Eyeshadow brush is priced £8.00 and available from Neal’s Yard Remedies
One of the first companies to use natural rather than synthetic ingredients, Neal’s Yard Remedies was born in 1981 in London’s Covent Garden. The extensive range of Soil Association certified skin and hair care products and make-up are all designed, created and tested at the NYR headquarters in Dorset.

Image: Laura Jane Sessions – Organic Make-up Artist
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