I have been meaning to writes an empties post for literally years but I am not usually organised enough to hang on to my empty beauty containers. Once used all the pots, tubes, jars and bottles are washed and then either recycled (kerbside), taken to a beauty recycle scheme drop off point (usually found in stores such as Superdrug) or reused; either by myself (in my travel bag or kit) or taken to my local Zero Waste shop where they are again cleaned before being put out for customers to decant products into and take home. This time however I have managed it – or at least managed to save a few!

Over the past Couple of months or so I have managed to accumulate a collection of empties rather than forgetting and rushing to recycle them. Looking at the photos, there does seem Like a lot of empty containers for a month or two however (and I  not sure about you) but I always find its cyclical and I run out of a number of things around the same time and then don’t need to replace them for ages.

I’ve broken the products down into hair and bodycare and skincare for ease. For clarity, I have quite dry skin on my face which has a tendency to be dehydrated and at times, prone to sensitivity. The skin on my body is overall less dehydrated however does get quite dry with patches of psoriasis and eczema. Hair wise, I have a lot of very fine wavy hair which gets very frizzy and also suffer from psoriasis of the scalp so it is easily irritated. Most of the products here I have purchased myself however I have mentioned if an item was gifted or a PR sample.

Hair and body care (clockwise)

Tabitha James Kraan 4-in-1 Conditioner (in Amber Rose – from £12.00)  – I’ve been using this conditioner since 2018 when I first discovered it at the Soil Association Organic Beauty Week event. I use it as a wash out conditioner as my fine hair gets weighed down with product very easily but as the name suggests it can be used in multiple ways. I leave in for about five minutes and then rinse; it leaves my hair super soft and smells divine.
I buy one large 500ml bottle annually (which I decant into a smaller bottle and keep by the bath) and as I usually only wash my hair twice weekly, that usually lasts me all year!

Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo (from £2.50) – this is a staple of my hair care routine; I’ve used it for years! It’s a clarifying, ph balanced shampoo for all hair types and is designed for irritated scalps and so It super gentle and doesn’t irritate my psoriasis. As with the conditioner, I tend to buy a big 500ml bottle (£23.50) and that lasts me for about six months or so.

Odylique Repair Lotion (£14.50) – I discovered this when my daughter was a baby (she is now nearly 11) in a bid to combat her eczema. Unfortunately she seems to be sensitive to calendula so has never really got on with it but I find it really useful for dry bits and eczema patches or as a body lotion when I’ve caught the sun or my skin feels a bit irritated. It’s light but creamy and soaks in pretty quickly.

Soakin Magnesium Flakes (Prices vary) – these are a relatively recent find in my local veg and natural food store Oranges ‘n’ Apples (where they are priced at £3.49 for 800g). I love a handful or two of salt flakes in my bath water and these are one of the types of 100% natural salts available in the range. Great for post exercise and other aches and pains, I tend to mix and match salts and sometimes add in so essential oils too.

Evolve Super Berry Body Oil* (£24.00) – a beautiful moisturising body oil which is formulated for dry skins and to reduce the appearance of stretch marks (thanks to the Chilean Rosehip oil). It feels lovely on the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and not in the least greasy. Its pregnancy safe too!

Neal’s Yard Remedies Women’s Balance Body Cream (£30.00) – this has fast become my favourite body cream. I first tried it a few months ago and was smitten. Rich and thick (it does take a while to sink in on me), it feels really luxurious and decadent and keeps my skin feeling nourished for what seems like days. The scent blends the floral notes of rose absolute with the earthy, woodiness of Frankincense – I think it smells slightly edgy but really calming at the same time. I guess it lives up to its name :)

Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil (£26.95) – one of my favourite of the Weleda body oils. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this numerous times before as I think it has an amazing time turning effect on the skin; I swear it takes ten years off in seconds! An oil I often have in my pro kit as well as in my bathroom, it’s a fabulous blend of jojoba, sesame and macadamia oils enriched with pomegranate seed oil.

Skincare (clockwise)

Evolve 360 Lip and Eye Contour (not pictured – £28.00) – one of my favourite eye creams, it’s become a staple of my daily routine. Lightweight but it packs a punch and seems to be (currently) winning the battle with the deepening fine lines around my eyes. Sadly not pictured here as I overzealously recycled it.

Nourish T.S.L Tighten, Sculpt and Lift Neck Elixir (£26.00) – another product that has been a bathroom regular in recent years. I definitely think my neck skin differs from my face skin and this cream certainly makes a difference and sees me (or rather my neck) through the day, reducing the appearance of lines and signs of ageing.

Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream (£9.75) – another product that’s been a family essential for years; a travel essential in our household – it’s even been to the arctic circle with us! It’s great for protecting cheeks from winter winds or chapped upper lips and noses when you have a streaming cold. It’s not something I generally use i the warmer months but I’m sure I’ll pick up another in the autumn.

Evolve Custom Blend Facial Oil* – this was an oil that I blended myself at an Evolve breakfast event last year. Formulated to rehydrate and nourish my dry skin I blended Macadamia and Camellia oils with a couple of other ingredients one of which was Blue Tansy. Sadly I don’t have list of ingredients as I (shortsightedly) wrote it on the side of the bottle and sadly usage has meant it’s worn away so I can’t replicate it, which is a massive shame because it was bloody lovely!

BYBI Bakuchiol Booster (£13.00/£30.00) –  another staple (this time of my evening routine) is this natural alternative to retinol – this is possibly my sixth bottle. I apply about three drops to my face in the evening after cleansing and before applying night cream (sometimes I mix the two together). I’m not entirely sure how much collagen production has been stimulated (some things are immeasurable) but my skin doesn’t seem to object to me using it so it’s worth the punt.

Have you tried any of these? Let me know what you think.

*PR sample

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