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Make-up is ever evolving and I am a big believer in the old adage you never stop learning. I am always looking to update existing skills, learn new techniques and find out more about products and brands. This week I had an education double bubble and took part in two training sessions – on the same day!

My day began at The Albany Club, a health and fitness centre near London’s beautiful Regents Park. Arranged by the UK Couleur Carmel distributor BeautyWell, it was great opportunity to find out more about the brand and see the collection in full – something that until now I hadn’t had a chance to do.

After brief introductions we were given a full breakdown of each of the products ranges and an opportunity to try and compare each item, seeing how they look and feel on the skin and discussing the ingredients and their benefits. In the afternoon we were given a free rein and were able to apply products of our choice.

It was fantastic to have to opportunity to play with the range so thoroughly. I love Couleur Caramel eyeshadows and lipsticks (only the matte ones mind you) and they have been used in my pro kit for quite some time and although I know that some of the products won’t be making it into my kit, there are one or two that I will be testing further to see how they perform on camera. One product that I had previously overlooked was the Smoothing Velvet Primer, I had tried it before but had completely overlooked it’s mattifying properties! I am always on the lookout for a good natural mattifer (so many fail under the pressures of lights and cameras), so I think I may need to take another look…

Something that really did catch my eye was the new was the new Sun-kissed Powder (no.2) from the pretty limited edition Spring/Summer 2014 collection. A micro-fine pressed bronzing powder, the matte and iridescent multi-shade mosaic is beautifully crafted and on the skin gives a healthy glow with very little shimmer – just how I like it! On the skin it drew to mind the shades from the Dr Hauschka Teint Powder but with a little more radiance.

Another product from the Spring/Summer collection Khol Kajal. Available in three shades (Ice Coffee, Blueberry and Black Liquorice), these rich and creamy sticks reminded me of the Terre d’Oc Khol crayons that I love so much and that sadly seem to be disappearing from these shores. I only had a little play with the crayons and so I haven’t compared the two side by side but they could be a contendor for replacement. With these two product in mind, I may just have to do a little shopping…

 *     *     *

After a quick stop to refuel and apply multiple blister plasters (why did I wear new shoes that day?!), it was off to Marylebone and to one of my favourite natural beauty stores Content, where my friend and fellow Make-up Artist Louise Dartford was running a masterclass.

With coconut water and kale and vegetable chips with a humous dip to sustain us, Lou ran through a few of the things we were going to cover over the course of the evening before using a selection of products from Pai to prep the face of our model Zsa Zsa; who had the most impossibly clear and beautiful skin!

Lou introduced us to the two new mascaras from RMS Beauty; Volumising and DefiningApparently seven years in the making, despite both being black they are distinctly different; from ingredients and formulation to finish – even the brush shape differs! 

We then moved on to a product that I am super excited by; the new Fade Into You Finishing Powder from Ilia Beauty. I utterly loved this! A translucent loose powder housed within a retractable and refillable brush handle. The powder is so finely milled and sits beautifully on the skin, taking the edge off any shine without removing the natural glow. Admittedly for hygiene reasons I wouldn’t be able to use this in my kit in it’s current form but when the refills become available (June 2014 I believe), I will certainly be stocking up.

We ended the evening with a look at one of the key trends of this season; bright lips. With an array of pinks and oranges on the counter in front of her and picking out shades from Ilia Beauty, W3ll People and RMS BeautyLou made the idea of wearing colour approachable and do-able – even for those amongst the group who usually steered clear of lip colour of any description. 

Of course being at Content meant that I had to do a little shopping – it would be rude not too!
I added to my Kjaer Weis collection with another foundation (Velvety) and a cream blush (Lovely) . I couldn’t pass up the oppounity to pick up Solar from RMS Beauty; a cream shadow that Lou had demonstrated earlier in the evening.

Phew! It was a pretty exhausting day but a thoroughly enjoyable one. A big Thank You to Julia at BeautyWell, Imelda at Content and of course Lou for such a fabulous day!

Main image: Courtesy of Steve Wheeler
Body Images: Laura Jane Sessions – Organic Make-up Artist
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  • Sounds like a fantastic day! I have been wanting to try both of the RMS mascaras since they first launched, and also the Ilia powder for when I wear liquid or cream foundation. Despite having oily skin I love a dewy glow, so think after what you say I’ll give it a go :) xReplyCancel

    • Hi Chesca,
      it was great fun – though a little exhausting!
      The powder is amazing! So fine and very light on the skin, worth a look if you can get to Content :)
      L xReplyCancel

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