Top Five: Eyeliner Brushes

Last year I began a series on my Top five brushes for this, that and the other. For one reason or another I took a break from the brush posts but I have decided to get the ball rolling again and pick up where I left off – with the eyes. This month its all about lining…

Lining the eyes well is not the easiest of things. I remember that when I began my make-up training my tutor at the time insisted we practised our eyeliner stokes; we were were doing stage make-up I recall, so strong lines created from cake eyeliner (tricky stuff for a beginner) were necessary to create a classic stage make-up. Determined to get it right I sat in my room in the shared student house, perfecting lines on the back of my hand and on on my own eyes until I had mastered them.

Quite a few years on, I still prefer creating a liquid/gel/eyeshadow eyeliner line to a pencil one, so here are my Top Five brushes for mastering that perfect line…

Eyeliner Brush(es) from Louise Young Cosmetics

I could actually create this entire post using just the five Louise Young Cosmetics eyeliner brushes – but I won’t. I own all of these five brushes and each is very different; with varying degrees of bristle density from standard through to ultra fine for true precision application. Perfect, however you like your lines!

Left to Right: LY24, LY24A, LY25, LY23, LY24B

£8.00 – £11.00 from Louise Young Cosmetics

Angle Brush from Make-up International

Make-up International are cruelty free pro range created by Award winning make-up legend Wally Schneiderman (The Elephant Man, Labyrinth, The Guns of Navarone, The Dirty Dozen… Personal Make-up Artist to Ingrid Bergman & Bette Davis – need I go on?). These synthetic angle brushes (also a fixture of my kit) are a delight to use and are perfect for eye liner, brows and special effects!

£4.75 – £5.75 from Make-up International

Concurve Liner Brush from adesign
If trad ain’t your bag then maybe this is. Created using synthetic Natrafil filaments, the concurve brush is a twist on the conventional straight bristle brush and has an arched line to fit neatly into the contours of the eye and brow.

Currently just £3.95 from Cocktail Cosmetics

Eyeliner Brush from Antonym

When I started out on the road signposted Make-up Career, super thin liner brushes were pretty hard to come by – bristles tended to be a standard length and thickness. Frustrated but the lack of variation I used to purchase brushes and then pull out some of the bristles in a bid to get the brush I wanted… Thankfully this is no longer the case and this liner brush from Atonym is pretty damn fine! With synthetic bristles and sustainable bamboo handle, it is also vegan friendly.

£9.25 from Beauty Bay
Travel 715 Smokey Eyeliner Brush from Bdellium Tools

If you aren’t one for fine lines or liquid liner and prefer to wear a thicker, softer line then take a look at this liner brush. The short synthetic and tapered bristles are perfect for applying and blending eyeshadow along the lash line, outer corner and into the socket.

£6.50 from PAM (Precious About Make-up)

Main image:
Body images: Louise Young Cosmetics, Bdellium Tools, adesign, Antonym Cosmetics Make-up International
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  • Thank you for this post! I’m still shopping for a pointed liner brush – didn’t know there were so many variations! It’s great to get brush recs from a makeup artist.ReplyCancel

    • Hey Kath
      I am glad it is helpful to you. I am a brush obsessive so I take my brush purchasing very seriously :)
      Let me know which one you go for in the end
      L xReplyCancel

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