Duped: Touché Éclat

Toućhe Éclait is allegedly the must-have pen of Make-up Artists and a cult product adored women everywhere. With one stick being sold every 10 seconds, it one of the worlds most in demand beauty products! If you believe the hype then this is the one beauty essential all women shouldn’t be without…  

I’m going to hold my hands up now and say I personally am not a fan and don’t really get the hype – at all. On the whole I am not a lover of pen style products (from a hygiene perspective in a pro kit they are a  big mistake) so I tend to avoid them like the plague, however I know a lot of people who love them.
Toućhe Éclat has been misunderstood by women for years. It is not a concealer. It is a highlighter. Big difference. Yes, it has some concealing properties and will cover very minor shadows (anything pigmented will do this) but essentially the liquid formula will enhance areas thanks to it’s light reflecting particles.
Adding a touch of highlight to certain areas, such as the hollow of the chin, sides of the nose or the philtrum  can bring out or enhance an area that may be sunken, sallow or flagging, however most people apply the pen to the under-eye which (in principle) is correct, however if you are going to have your photo taken (and we are in the age of the selfie) applying a highlighter to the under-eye can have disastrous effects; the reverse panda (where flash bounces off the product) – one make-up issue that is splashed frequently across Celeb Make-up Disasters features in gossip mags. Admittedly this isn’t always the fault of Toućhe Éclat but it is more often that not due to the use of highlighting products used in place of concealing ones…
On to the dupes. I love a good dupe and have picked three suggestions (and added key points) on some cleaner alternatives for those looking to green-up their old Yves Saint Laurent fave…

Borlind Natural Liquid Concealer – £13.50 from Naturisimo

* Smoothes fine lines and disguises shadows and hyper pigmentation 
* Free from parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, silicones, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrance
* Vegan friendly
* Sadly only available in 2 shades

Jane Iredale Active Light Under Eye Concealer – £20.49 from Beauty Time Therapies

* Reduces puffiness and soothes irritated skin
* Sheer to medium coverage
* Gluten free 

* Available in 6 shades for a wide range of skin tones

Couleur Caramel Perfect Complexion Concealer – £25.50 from Couleur Caramel
* Revitalises and brightens dull complexions
* Sheer to medium coverage
Rich in seed and nut oils and butters
* 98.8% of ingredients are from natural origin and 14% of the ingredients from organic farming 
* Great for all skin types
* Available in 3 shades
Hopefully these three are worth considering if you are looking for a cleaner, greener alternative. Let me know how you get on.
If there are any other mainstream products you would like to see duped with cleaner alternatives, then please get in touch and let me know what you would like to see.
Main Image: Via Beautylish
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