Behind The Brand: Mavala

Nail polish as we know is not a product that is particularly clean or green. By its very nature it is traditionally full of toxins and resins that are known to be detrimental to our health. One of my favourite nail brands is Mavala and it is one that in the world of nail polishes, is pretty damn clean.

The potential health risks associated with some of the ingredients found in conventional nail polishes has lead to many companies producing 3-free polish (omiting the three main contentors for toxic ingredient of the year), some producing 4-free and others water-based alternatives.

In a bid to make their nail colour as healthy as possible Mavala polishes are 5-free, having been produced without the need for formaldehydes, toluene, camphor, cellophane, parabens, heavy metals or any animal derived ingredients – this makes them a great cleaner alternative to conventional polish.

(For those of you who are aren’t quite up to speed with toxins in polish and aren’t sure what I mean by 3, 4 or 5-free, way back in the early days I wrote a post that will hopefully clear it up for you – No More Nasty Nails)

The Mavala range includes nails treatments, hand and foot products and make-up. I dont use any of these however so cant comment on their contents and effectiveness, however the pièce de résistance for me are the nail polishes – over 200 of them! I recently wrote about one of my current loves, ELLE (pictured left) and included the Showtime Angels in my Christmas Gift Countdown last year.

The polish is housed in handy and instantly recognisable 5ml bottles. A perfect size to keep in a kit, plus you have less chance of them drying out or going sticky before you use them up as the quantity it less – a real bonus if you don’t use polish on a regular basis.

Half a century of production has made Mavala a world leader in natural nail care. Available in over 80 countries, the Swiss company was created in 1958 by Madelaine Van Landeghem (do you like what I did there?) and was introduced to the UK in 1959. Fast forward 50 years and the company have a firm foothold in the market with the line available in department stores, beauty salons and pharmacies nationwide.

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  • Anonymous

    Really? SO Mavala is close to green nail polish?
    Well, I have to buy one… I did no know…ReplyCancel

    • Hi, as far as non-waterbased polishes go it’s almost as good as it gets – amazing considering it has been around so long! Its lovely polish :)ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    I already bought three ones, they are also cheap :) Do you know if the base- and top nail polishes (clear, no color)are also good choices (without mentioned toxins)? Or are only the colored ones the best ones?ReplyCancel

    • Hey there, aren’t they great value! I love them. Off the top of my head I am not sure about the base coat the the clear polish will be 5 free too.
      L xReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    Hello! Where can I find a list of the ingredients that Mavala use in their nail polish? I have been looking for it, since they dont have it on the nail polish, and I didn’t manage to find it on the home page. Good to hear that they are 5-free though, I was hoping for at least 3-free
    /hoping for an answer

    • Hi
      The site only lists the products that are not in the polish and not the entire ingredients so your best bet is to contact Mavala UK directly and ask them to send you a list of the ingredients.
      A great site for finding out more about the (sometimes surprising) list of 3/4/5-free, vegan and water-based polishes is ‘Inspirationail’. I have posted the link below.
      Good luck in your hunt :)

  • The only Mavala product with formaldehyde is the Scientifique nail hardener.
    But considering you just apply a tiny drop to your nail tips only and I use it once every 3 weeks I am not too worried.

    You prob get more “chemicals” from things you eat.
    The 5ml size lasts me almost 2 years or more….ReplyCancel

    • Hi
      Thanks for that, I wasn’t aware of the Formaldehyde content in that as I have never purchased it – good to know!
      Thanks again

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