Why Be Conventional?

I was recently approached by the natural living community and market Silent Springs, asking me if I would be interesting in becoming a guest beauty contributer to their blog The Organic Times. A few emails later, I was writing what I hope will be the first of many posts…

Throughout history the pursuit of beauty has lead us down a dangerous path. From the use of malachite (a green iron ore) in eyeshadows by the ancient Egyptians, the white lead face powders of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to the reported use of rat poison in depilatory. Creams in the early twentieth. Fast-forward to today and we are still taking out lives in our hands. Lead in lipstick and mercury in mascara, the ever-growing list of toxic and potentially harmful ingredients in beauty products is not only worrying by also truly astounding…
…To be continued
To read the post in full visit The Organic Times blog

Based in Oregon USA, this family run business is an online artisan marketplace, bringing together small-scale eco-friendly producers and vendors. Combined with a community forum, blog and guides, Silent Springs have created great online resource for all things eco and sustainable .
Images courtesy of: Silent Springs

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