We Interrupt This Service

Apologies if this isn’t what you were expecting to see today but unforeseen events meant that I have been unable to write the post due to be scheduled for today.

Early last week I sustained an eye injury which rendered me unable to use my left eye for a few days and therefore not be able to use my computer. I am on the mend (fingers crossed for my trip to Moorfields Eye Hospital tomorrow) and now back online however for obvious reasons haven’t had a chance to put fingers to the keyboard and put together a post (no scheduling in advance thanks to last weeks blog marathon for Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week either!).

Normal service will resume on Friday however so until then feel free to mosey around and have a gander at some past posts. I’m on twitter and Instagram (@organicmua) so if you have any questions or want to see some pics of eco beauty loveliness then hop on over.

Until then, have a great week

L x

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