UMA Expo 2014

The United Make-up Artist’s Expo (UMAE) is a Pro-only make-up trade show held at the beautiful Business Design Centre in London’s Islington. Now in it’s second year, UMAE had a lot to live up to following the success of last years show and by all accounts it did pretty well…

Not being an Eco beauty show, natural products are limited at these types of events however it is a great opportunity to pick up kit essentials such as (more) brushes and specialist products, catch up with with old friends and meet new ones, discuss the tricks of the trade with other Pros and pick the brains of award winners such Oscar winners Robin Matthews (Dallas Buyers Club) an Greg Cannnom (Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean).

visited the show last year and thoroughly enjoyed my time there however work commitments (more on this very soon) meant that I sadly I wasn’t able to attend this years event. Having said that, I didn’t miss out on a little shopping as my friend, Make-up Assistant and natural and organic product passionista Lilian Komor kindly offered to do a little shopping for me.

Despite knowing which suppliers and companies were attending the show, I didn’t know exactly what they would be selling; tricky when you aren’t the one doing the shopping! Nether the less, Lilian did manage to pick up some of the items on my wish list…

London Brush Company Lavender and Vegan Brush Shampoos

You may remember that the LBC Brush Shampoo got a lot of love from me last year and was one of my Top Five Products of 2013. Having tried a couple other solid brush soaps in recent months I still maintain this is the best and so I knew I had to restock.

Along with the Lavender shampoo, I asked Lilian to pick up the new vegan addition to the range. Made using young, food-grade coconut milk; the shampoo uses the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil to hygienically cleanse the brushes. I have only had cause to use it a couple of times so far but will keep you posted on how it compares.

Rae Morris Brush 18

I had been wanting to get my hands on this brush for a while now and hadn’t got around to ordering online, so it had to go on my shopping list. Designed specifically for grooming eyebrows without disturbing the foundation, 18 is a long narrow brush which reminds me of a very thin version of the denture toothbrush my grandparents used (not the most flattering comparison I admit). It is also perfect for tidying away those niggling little hairs around the hairline!

Rae Morris brushes are cruelty free and this brush is part of the newly deigned range; made from ebony stained oak with a magnet attached to the bottom – not a feature I require but part of the newly released Magnetic Collection. I have to admit I preferred the look of the old style range (pictured) however I can live with it. 

Brush 18 featured in my Top Five Brow & Lash Brushes.

Z Palette

I have numerous palettes in my kit in which I house deported and decanted products in order to save space and weight and I never pass up the opportunity to pick up another. Made from heavy duty card with a magnetic base, Z Palettes are probably the brand of which I own the most and are an essential in the kit bags of many Make-up Artist’s that I know.

Available in a range of colours and sizes, Z Palettes are handy for personal use as well as for Pros.

Main Image: UMAe
Body Image: Laura Jane Sessions – Organic Make-up Artist
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