Top Five: Organic Liquid Eyeliner – Black

With the sunny days dwindling quicker than you can say raincoat, I have decided to cover a product that is a fantastic cross over from this years summer trends to the gems that this Autumn/Winter season has to offer…

Black eyeliner was seen taking on many shapes and forms during the Spring/Summer 2014 shows and looks set to stay with us as the days turn cooler and darker. From the classic Hollywood wing to grungy panda eyes; from the flicked out cat eye to sharp cubist inspired graphic lines.

With this in mind, a black liquid liner should be considered a core part of any make-up bag this season if it hasn’t been over the summer, but it is a product that some people have real difficulty with using and even avoid. This is usually for one of two reasons; difficulty with application and cracking.

The latter is the easiest to solve; liquid liner can have a tendency to crack on the lid after a few hours (or sometimes less) of wear but you can combat this by applying a pencil liner underneath to increase wear and add density to the colour. It won’t stop the cracking but it will disguise it.

Problems with applying a liquid liner is harder to solve but by no means impossible. Practice is key to a clean liquid liner application and keep on until you perfect it. When I was training I used to sit watching Ready Steady Cook (remember that show? Perfect student fodder) after college, practicing eyeliner lines on the back of my hand and on myself in the mirror, adjusting the pressure and angle of the brush until I had my lines just right.

Another tip is to buy a separate liner brush rather than using the one provided; you will have more control and more choice in the type and density of bristle. Finally, try a few liners, some work better than others are more suited to particular skin types. Good luck!

Here are my Top Five Organic Black Liquid Eyeliners…

Eyeliner No7 from Couleur Caramel

One of the mainstays of my kit, I love this liquid liner from Couleur caramel. A water based formulation which is densely black and richly pigmented, the liner is rich in organic Aloe Vera juice and organic Rose water to nourish and soften the delicate skin on the lids.

£16.00 from Couleur Caramel     –

Organic Liquid Liner from Lavera

The first organic liquid liner I ever used and the first I added to my kit (it’s still in there; although not the original bottle), the Lavera liquid liner is one of my favourites and although I am not a fan of the pen style applicator (I use a liner brush instead), it is a great addition to any kit as it’s pretty smudgepoof but easy to remove.

£11.50 from Pravera     –

Liquid Eyeliner from Organic Glam

This liner is highly pigmented and easy to apply. Containing Vitamins E,C and B5, the liner has soothing and moisturising properties and also contains the anti-inflamaroty Eyebright Leaf which makes it a great choice for sensitive eyes. I love the recycled Art Deco style tube too! 

£19.95 from Naturisimo     –

Liquid Liner from Dr Hauschka

Another first clean liquid liner. This beautiful liner was one I worked with many times when I was creating make-ups during events evenings at my then local organic store a few years back and I fell in love. The colour and texture are both fabulous, it’s only flaw is the brush which has a tendency to splay after a couple of uses but as I use a separate liner brush this doesn’t affect me but it’s just worth noting for those of you who don’t.

£17.95 from Love Lula      –

Black Liquid Liner from Benecos

A fantastic budget option and a great choice for those who are giving liquid liner a whirl for the first time. Jojoba oil moisturises the lid whilst helping to create a smooth, richly pigmented line. I personally am  not a fan of the pen style applicator but if you find brush application tricky then give this nib a go, it may be the answer.

£5.95 from Lucy Rose     –

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Body Images: Couleur Caramel, Lavera, Dr Hauschka, Benecos, The Organic Pharmacy

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