Top Five: Berry Stained Lips

The obsession for Berry (or wine) stained lips has been here for a while and it doesn’t look set to be disapearing anytime soon with models for Christian Dior, Lavin and Vera Wang shows at New York Fashion Week all sporting variations on the theme.

Remember, a berry lip works best with a nude eye so keep things light on your lids with just a touch of shadow or a little liner and mascara. Don’t quite fancy a full on dramatic lip? Why not try blotting and working off some of the lipstick to achieve a softer stained effect?

I have been a long time in putting together this post. The reason? Too much choice! There are some truly beautiful berry toned lipsticks on the market at the moment and it has taken me a long time to whittle them down to just five of my (current) favourites!

So, after a long deliberation, these are my Top Five lipsticks for a Berry Stained lip…

Femme Fatale from Ilia Beauty

Femme Fatale is a deep, sultry burgundy tone; semi-matte it is rich in colour and big on impact and certainly makes a statement. Sexy and ethical, the lipstick is made of 85% certified organic ingredients and is rich in plant and nut oils for a deeply nourishing finish.

£20.00 from Content

Torrid Siren Lipstick* from Vapour Beauty

This lipstick resinates echos of my youth. Illicit late night trips to goth clubs; getting my ears pierced again (and again) and hiding it (badly) from my mum; probably best I stop there… Reminiscent of a lip colour I wore back in the early 1990’s when I was in my mid teens – Black Cherry by Rimmel (anyone remember it?), all these memories come flooding back. Please don’t be put off by my youthful antics, Torrid is a beautiful, black orchid shade that shouts its presence from the rooftops – and I love it!

£18.00 from Content

Diabolique Lip Shine from RMS Beauty

A limited edition shade that made its debut at the Met Ball in May, adorning the lips of RMS pin-up; the devine Miranda Kerr. Already having graced the front cover of Allure magazine, this deep rich burgundy is bang on trend and a perfect choice for this winter season.

I have yet to find this in the UK so if you do, then please let me know!

Cherry* from Couleur Caramel

A lovely wearable shade from the ECOCERT certified French cosmetics brand. Cherry is a red that, like all Couleur Caramel lipsticks is incredibly long lasting and highly moisturising. The matte finish is a great alternative to the other, glossier lipsticks in this post and what makes for a perfect stain too.

£15.00 from Couleur Caramel UK

Vintage Merlot* from Honeybee Gardens

The perfect product for this post, this aptly named lipstick is a soft matte red that is not as dark as you may think. Honeybee Garden lipsticks are at a great price point, so well worth a punt if you want to take your first steps into the world of berry stained lips (but not sure about it)

£9.00 from Vitamin Grocer

* not suitable for vegans – may contain carmine.

Images: Ilia Beauty, Vapour Beauty, Couleur Caramel, RMS Beauty, Honeybee Gardens

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