Things Are Changing… (again)

They say a change is as good as a rest and once more things will be changing on this little blog of mine…

I am about to go back into education and so will be committed to an intensive year long Higher Education course. As from the beginning of September I will be reducing the posts number of posts I publish each month whilst I juggle studying with maintaining my freelance career and obviously (most importantly) ensuring I spend time with my little family.

Not wanting to give up on my blog completely (I love sharing my green beauty discoveries with you), over the next year or so posts will be regularly published once a month (around the 1st of the month), plus I may add the odd little extra one as and when I can.

I’ll still be popping up on instagram and twitter and sharing my latest finds on there however I don’t anticipate publishing anything on here more than once a month or so. There are a number of guest posts in the pipeline too!

I haven’t taken this decision lightly. I love my blog however I need to focus my writing energies on my course and with any luck in doing this course I will uncover some more content to share with you on here!

Exciting times ahead!

Laura x

P.S. I thought I’d share a shot from my recent holiday in Provence (France). These beautiful palettes belonged to Artist Paul Cézanne.


Image: (1) LJS – OMUA

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