Testing, Testing…

I love almost every aspect of my job (accounting aside) but one of the things that excites me is road testing new products that I have accumulated. Even in the days before I began writing, product testing was one of those things that went on and was/is part and parcel of being a Make-up Artist and one of the best ways to keep on top of trends in the industry…

Make-up is ever evolving and technologies improving, so before products are used on a job they really need an initial test to see how they perform away from the camera so you can be (almost) sure of no nasty surprises when in front of the camera. With some products (such as lipstick) this is generally a very quick and easy process, however with others (like foundation) it tends to take a little longer before they are either given a home in my pro kit, snaffled away for myself or they are relegated to Room 101 i.e; given to friends/family or in the worse case scenario binned (the latter doesn’t happen often I can assure you).

Today I thought I would share with you a few of the products that are sitting on my (somewhat cluttered) desk, at various stages of the testing process (I won’t show you the desk)…

From left to right:
(apologies for the image quality – my camera was out of juice so I used my phone)
Haut Cosmetics HDD Cream, Green People Gradual Tan Moisturiser, Benecos Natural Eyeshadow Base, Benecos Natural eyeshadow, Lavera Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow Quad in Purple Fantasy (#3), Lavera Endless Definition Mascara in Black.

I haven’t tried any of these specific products before (although in some cases I have tried similar products from the same company), so I am completely unbiased in my thoughts about how they perform. Despite this, after a couple of initial tests I have already started to build up an idea as to whether or not any of the products will make it into my kit, so keep your eyes open as anything that does may well make it onto this blog…

Take a look for yourself at www.lavera.co.ukwww.greenpeople.co.uk and www.benecos.co.uk

Images: Laura Jane Sessions – Organic Make-up Artist

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