You may remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about my desire to find a totally safe (well, as safe as it gets) nail polish. Initially a quest to find a non-toxic polish, safe enough for my daughter to use in the future, I have discovered there are certainly some benefits to a water-based polish…

Snails Nail Polish from Safe Nails

I recently purchased a couple of bottles of Snails as part of my first foray into non-toxic and child friendly nail polish. I chose Snails over the other non-toxic brands on the market for two main reasons; firstly their fashion forward approach to colour and secondly (and most importantly) their products contained the fewest and least toxic ingredients – never a bad thing in my mind.

After the initial (and somewhat drawn out) procrastination over which colours to purchase, I plumped for Lollipop; a not quite matte coral-like shade and Raspberry Pie; a beautiful glossy purple shot through with a slight touch of irridesence. 

Both shades look great on the nail: Lollipop has a real summery, tropical feel to it, whilst Raspberry Pie (possibly my favourite of the two) is a fun pink toned purple that is perfectly inkeeping with this years Pantone colour – Radiant Orchid

There are eighteen colours in the Snails range and I am sure you will agree why it took me so long to choose my shades when you take a look. With such an array, I have already compiled a list of the shades I want to purchase next – Frog Prince (a pale green), Twinkle Dust (a shimmering gold/orange) and Black Beauty (the name says it all).

The polish goes on easily and although the coverage is pretty opaque with just one coat, I found two coats gave a great finish. 

Unlike conventional nail polishes, Snails thankfully doesn’t have that eye wateringly pungent chemical smell. There is most definitely a slight artificial scent but it is hard to put your finger on what it actually smells of – possibly slightly plastic-y, slightly sweet but not particularly unpleasant.

I tend to think that the fewer ingredients a product has the better and this polish has just three – not bad for a traditionally chemical fuelled product! Admittedly the water-based formulation doesn’t have the longevity of wear of conventional brands and as I mentioned before, the merest hint of contact with water or a wet wipe and the colour begins to work its way off, so stay away from those taps!

On the flip side the water soluble formulation can also been seen as a positive, as parents, Costumers or indeed anyone clumsy will appreciate the fact that the polish will easily wash out of clothing and apparently carpets (although having wood floors means that I haven’t actually put this to the test).

As I mentioned in my initial post, I have realised what a fantastic addition to my nail kit water based polishes would be; the perfect product for quick changes to the nails on photo and fashion shoots when time is of the essence.

Now which colour shall I go for next..?

Priced at around the £7.00 mark and available online from Henna Herbals and in store at Milo et Mimi.

Snails (Safe-Nails)was founded in 3011 by mother of two Jeanette Sklivanou. Designed specifically with children and mums-to-be in mind, Snails produce a range of French made nail products that are water-based, stain free and non-toxic.

Water, Acylic Polymer, Non-toxic Colourants

Main Image: Via WikimediaCommons
Body Image: Safe Nails
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