Organic Glam Red Nail Polish

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly (and somewhat unexpedly) sent a little bag of goodies from Organic Glam, the make-up arm of The Organic Pharmacy; anyone who follows me on Instagram will have been aware of the arrival of an early evening bike courier on our street that day… In amongst the array of products was a couple of nail polishes; one of which was a bright red.

Red Nail Polish from Organic Glam

… Or Scarlet harlot as I have been referring to it as

Although I have heard many good things, I haven’t ever worn or used any of the Organic Glam nail polishes prior to this week so I was looking forward to putting it through it’s paces and this came to pass sooner than expected…

A much as I love nail polish I don’t wear it as often as I would like as I have a tendency to be a little bit hard on it. Usually you can guarantee that within half an hour I have chipped or scuffed or left imprints in the tacky surface… you get my drift. Oh yes and I can also never be bothered with a base or top coat either *apologises to all the nail passionisti out there*.

The polish went on evenly and was touch dry within a couple of minutes. About twenty minutes after I first applied this polish I was washing my make-up brushes in the sink (genuinely forgetting that I had only just painted my nails); within an hour I was bathing my daughter and chopping up veggies for dinner (I’m always prone to a little knife slippage onto the nails). Despite giving it a bit of a hard time so early on, I was amazed to see that it was still in tact, no chips, scuffs or scratches.

Red from Organic Glam – sadly the photo doesn’t do it justice!

I am very impressed with the wear that this polish has. Four days in and I am usually hiding my hands in shame and desperately reaching for the remover, however this was still mostly in tact. Despite one of two very minor chips at the end of my nail, the polish was still going strong and I finally removed it after about six days of wear. Having never worn an Organic Glam  polish before I would be very interested to see if the other colour I was sent (Baby Pink) has the same longevity… 

One of forty three shades of polish in the Organic Glam collection, Red is well red, but not of the scarlet variety as I have been loosely referring to it; Red is actual fact a bright crimson. Vivid and eye catching, it’s a classic shade that can look sophisticated or casual without much effort. It is also a great base or accent shade for some of the nail trends that are sticking with us this autumn; being one for bi (or even tri) -coloured nail I combined it with Naughty from Orly, a deep blood-red/brown.

Free from DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and camphor, Red would make a great cleaner dupe for Illamasqua’s Alarm (possibly Collide, but I can’t remember which off the top of my head), Tom Ford’s Carnal Red or OPI’s So Hot It Berns to name a few.

£11.50 from The Organic Pharmacy

Organic Glam is the make-up arm of British skincare company The OrganicPharmacy. Founded by Margo Marrone over a decade ago, The Organic Pharmacy is based on the principles of Homeopathic and herbal medicine and now has stores worldwide.

Main Image: Xanthous Onyx via Wikimedia Commons
Body Image: LJS Organic Make-up Artist

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