Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

Rain, tents, mud, porta-loos, brief sunny interlude, wellies, glow sticks, more rain…
See where I’m going with this? Yep, it’s festival time again.
The list of annual music, food, theatre and comedy events is ever growing and with festival time upon us, what should you pack to stay looking good whilst you are dancing the night away and living out of a rucksack?
When packing your festival beauty bag, bear in mind that it is most likely you who is going to have to carry it and you who could well be queuing for hours and marching miles across muddy fields. Keeping the size and weight of the content down is essential, so using multipurpose products is a great way to space save and save your back, as is using products that last – you may be having just too much fun to keep reapplying!
Here are my suggestions for your festival beauty kit…

Glacial Cleansing Cloths – don’t worry about cleanser, toner or eye make-up remover, these 4-in-1 foaming facial wipes from Skyn Iceland will have your skin looking fresh and clean in seconds and lets face it, who wants to tackle the showers…
£13.00 from Marks and Spencer

Sun Protection is essential, even with the little summer we have had so far. This Scent Free SPF25 Sun Cream will protect and the After Sun will cool your skin down and hydrate your skin at the end of the day, plus the after sun works as a great body lotion too. These handy size tubes will easily last you the weekend.
£9.95 and £8.99 from Green People
Travel Tissues – I always have a pack of these organic tissues from Cottonsoft to hand. Perfect for mopping up, blotting and just blowing your nose.
£2.42 from Survana (6 packs of tissues)
There is nothing worse than trying to apply your make-up in the dark. This handy compact Model Mirror has 2x magnification and built in natural light LEDs so you can be sure your make-up will look perfect any time of day!

£19.00 from Les Tai Tai

Hand Sanitizer – let’s be honest, hygiene levels are generally a little on the dubious side at these events so keep this lovely spray from Intelligent Nutrients to hand and don’t worry about where your hands have been again. Non sticky, it removes 99.9% of bacteria.
£6.15 from Naturisimo
Hair and Body
Get into the festival spirit with some coloured hair mascara – organic of course! Available in copper or gold, simply apply the K Pour Karite mascara to dry hair and away you go!
£12.95 from Hairtrader
Dry shampoo was created for just such occasions! SkinnySkinny Organic Dry Shampoo will remove excess oil and give volume and density to your hair – without the need for water!
£20.00 from Amazon
Protect your hair and give it texture and volume with John Masters Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray. Perfect for creating easy to manage festival hair, this large bottle can be decanted into smaller travel size spray containers to keep the weight down.
£16.00 from Love Lula
Disguise those whiffs with a Weleda Deodorant. Available in Sage, Citrus and Wild Rose, these great deodorants are non sticky and come in a handy 30ml size – they can be used on feet too!

£5.95 from Lucy Rose
Using a moisturiser with an added SPF will help protect the delicate skin on your face whilst keeping it hydrated. Juice Beauty SPF30 Tinted Moisturiser protects agains both UVA and UVB rays whilst giving you that extra bit of colour, meaning you can leave your foundation at home.
£30.00 from Naturisimo

Benecos Natural Kajal Liner is perfect for your festival make-up bag. It has a great range of colours and is reasonably smudge proof, plus lasts pretty well too.
£3.95 from Pravera
Use a multipurpose product that will add colour to your lips, cheeks and more. Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm is the ultimate multi-tasker and comes in three delicious colours. (I have a blog post on this coming soon)
£21.00 from CutECOsmetics
The last thing you want is a mascara that runs and smudges easily. Waterproof mascara does not exist in the world of natural and organics, however the Essential Care Mascara is pretty good when it comes to staying put for any length of time.
£17.50 from Essential Care
Make your eye make-up stand out with these Organic Glam Eyeshadow Shimmer Trios. There are four shimmer trios to choose from and they can be used individually or together. Great for adding shimmer to your cheeks too!
£36.95 from Organic Pharmacy
Hide the morning after signs with Lily Lolo Focus Eyelid Primer. Great for covering under-eye shadows and primeing the lids for extra eyeshadow longevity.
£8.29 from Naturisimo
Whichever festival you make it to this summer, have a great time.
Main image courtesy of: The Guardian
Body images courtesy of: Skyn ICELAND, Lily Lolo, Benecos, Juice Beauty, K Pour Karité, Les Tai Tai and the Energy Saving Trust
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