Love: Zoya Spring 2015 Collection

I am not usually one for pastel nails (more often than not I am spotted rockin’ a variation on black, purple, blue or green), however this Spring one collection that I love is Delight; the Spring 2015 collection from 5-free Zoya.

The six polishes are verging more towards brights than pastels (which is probably why they’ve caught my eye), however there is a definite air of pastel to them…

To me the cool ice cream shades hark of beach huts and breezy beach walks. Spring is most definitely here!

Daisy: a sheer lemon merengue metallic yellow shot through with a zesty turquoise shimmer.

Eden: an bright opaque gerbera pink with a glossy, cream finish.

Lillian: described as a faded aquamarine, Lillian is a opaque glossy cream polish.

Rayne: an opaque but dewy, spring metallic blue shot through with a vibrant metallic turquoise.

Tiana: a smooth but glossy pistachio green with a creamy finish.

Leslie: a soft and creamy metallic lavender brightened with a flash of turquoise.

Going for the brighter shades, my favourites have to be Eden and Rayne, which are yours?

The collection is available (individually) online from Lucy Rose and Nail Polish Direct.

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