Love: Fresh & Flawless by ECOTOOLS

A collection that has caught my eye in recent weeks is the new Fresh & Flawless Complexion Set from the high street friendly, masters of the bamboo brush – ECOTOOLS.

The five piece set contains a flat concealer, buffing concealer, precision foundation, complexion blending and powder brushes. Each is adorned with a delicate floral ferrule, somewhat reminicent of the fabric used in traditional Chinese dress.

Designed to work together to create a flawless (the clue is in the name) photo-finish complexion, regardless of whether you use mineral, powder or liquid make-up. The bristles are beautifully soft but firm enough to be workable (i.e. not floppy or fluffy). I love the two smaller brushes in particular, they are for blending eyeshadow if you want a slightly chunkier blending brush.  

The collection is boxed and comes complete with a little guide on how to use each brush – perfect for those not in the know.

I think this is such a cute little set and it didn’t take me long to add it to my kit when I caught sight of it. If you have purchased it, let me know what you think.

£11.99 from (amongst others) CutECOsmetics

Image courtesy of: ECOTOOLS

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  • I don’t even have a need for these brushes but I can’t help wanting them, totally sold on looks alone :)ReplyCancel

    • I was too and when I wrote this post I hadn’t purchased them and so had to re-edit before publishing. In my mind you can never have too many brushes :)ReplyCancel

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